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Rethinking the Higher Education Value Equation

As colleges struggle to recruit and retain students, they face the enormous challenge of meeting students’ evolving expectations. Today, they must meet a fundamental set of needs to create an environment where students not only thrive, but perceive value in their learning experience from the very beginning. What can colleges do to deliver on this new higher ed value equation?

New York Times bestselling author Jeff Selingo and a panel of experts explore a new framework that can help address the issues of equity and access, belonging, student engagement, and ultimately, value.

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  • How can colleges use more flexible learning options to remove the barriers of affordability, time and geography to attract and retain students?
  • What is the institution’s role in fostering community as the prevalence of virtual learning increases?
  • How can institutions and faculty harness “small data” to create feedback loops that elevate the learning experience, both immediately and in the future?


Nina Bilimoria Angelo
Vice President Product Marketing and Corporate Strategy, Top Hat

Brandon Busteed
Global Head of Learn-Work Innovation

Jeff Selingo
New York Times Best-Selling Author and Webinar Host

Laura Freberg
Professor of Psychology, California Polytechnic State University

Jamienne S. Studley
President, WASC Senior College and University Commission

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