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Awakening Curiosity with Cathy Davidson

Author and leading higher ed thinker Cathy Davidson provides research-based methods, practices and tools designed to help you inspire your students, colleagues and institution

Even with the most gifted speaker, lecturing is simply not an effective way for students to learn. Nor does it equip them to succeed in a world where knowing how to learn is arguably more important than what you already know.

Dr. Cathy N. Davidson, distinguished author and professor at CUNY, is calling for a revolution in teaching—one that puts active learning at the center of the student experience. In this groundbreaking virtual talk, Davidson explores the latest research behind teaching practices that awaken curiosity, inspire students and nurture the creativity, problem-solving and collaboration skills so vital to success in our ever-changing world.

Plus, hear how three Top Hat Educator Award winners are transforming learning and improving outcomes for their students!

“If traditional learning was studied in a pharmaceutical trial, it would have been taken off the market years ago.” —Cathy N. Davidson

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  • Tips and tactics for awakening curiosity in your syllabi, lesson plans and course design
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  • Strategies for nurturing your own curiosity, courage and openness to change
  • A look at the evolution of Top Hat in enabling dynamic, meaningful, and engaging student learning

Cathy Davidson, Distinguished Professor, CUNY
Renowned scholar, educator and speaker, Cathy N. Davidson works at the intersection of digital innovation and cognitive science. She is the author of more than 20 books, including The New Education: How to Revolutionize the University to Prepare Students for a World in Flux.


Cathy Davidson
Distinguished Professor, CUNY

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