Social Problems
& Silver Linings: Tackling
Sensitive Subjects

Naomi Latini Wolfe,
Christopher Martin & Mykel Perry


Social Problems & Silver Linings: Tackling Sensitive Subjects

Naomi Latini Wolfe,
Christopher Martin & Mykel Perry

Wealth inequality. Systemic racism. Political polarization. It can be challenging to cover topics like these in today’s classroom. But understanding how to facilitate difficult discussions won’t just help students thrive in your course, it’ll better prepare them to navigate the world outside of academia.

In this webinar, Naomi Latini Wolfe, Troy University professor and author of Social Problems and Silver Linings, shares practical strategies for teaching sensitive material—and helping students put theory into practice. Applicable to any sociology course, you’ll also hear from two former students about their experience navigating sensitive topics and what made the difference for them.

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  • What makes a good curriculum for discussing sensitive topics
  • How to foster an inclusive environment accepting of different points of view
  • Practical strategies for teaching sensitive material in any course
  • The student experience and perspective on navigating difficult subjects
Social Problems and Silver Linings

Social Problems and Silver Linings

Using rich, interactive content, Naomi Latini Wolfe empowers students to develop a sense of agency in resolving complex social issues through self-reflection, discussion, and incorporating mindfulness strategies to enhance awareness of themselves and others.

About the Speakers

Naomi Latini Wolfe headshot Naomi Latini Wolfe

Naomi Latini Wolfe

Naomi Latini Wolfe is an experienced sociologist and instructor at Troy University. She received her master’s degree from Valdosta State University and has since dedicated her time to academia, research, and advocacy. Naomi is passionate about helping others and positively impacting the world. She volunteers with various organizations supporting military caregivers and families facing end-of-life challenges. She shares three children with her husband, a veteran of the U.S. Army.

Christopher Martin headshot Christopher Martin

Christopher Martin

Christopher Martin is an Atlanta-based motivational speaker, actor, radio show host, and M.C., best known for his role as Lil' Jordan's dad in the Will Packer hit movie, Little. He also plays Brother Odom in the new holiday musical film The Sound of Christmas, and DJ Gravy, a recurring role on the Bounce T.V. hit series "Finding Happy.” After returning to college in his 40s, Christopher earned a psychology degree from Georgia Military College.

Mykel Perry headshot Mykel Perry

Mykel Perry

Mykel Perry is the Crew Lead and Master Gunner for 91 Cyber Protection Team (CPT), Mission Element One, at Fort Gordon, Georgia. He advises the Cyber Protection Brigade (CPB) on security considerations, hardening and detecting malicious cyber activity to support the Department of Defense's continued network operations. He received his BS in Sociology from Troy University in 2020.