Interactive Textbooks Built the Way Students Learn

Top Hat textbooks are dynamic. Packed with interactive features students love. They’re also fully customizable to meet your distinct course objectives—and to ensure students stay motivated in and out of class.

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Bring learning to life

Students want engaging learning experiences inside the classroom and out. The trouble is, traditional static textbooks and PDFs do not invite interaction or inspire students to apply knowledge by making learning active.

There’s a better way! Top Hat textbooks are designed to motivate students with multimedia, interactive diagrams and dynamic assessments they can use to gauge their learning as they go. Get real-time insights into how students are progressing, and customize content to meet the exact needs of your course. More flexibility, better engagement. What’s not to love?


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Engage students with the flexibility you need

  • Offer readings packed with high-quality images, engaging videos, 3D simulations and interactive assessments
  • Multimedia, case studies, assessment questions—customize any title, any way you want
  • Let students access readings on their own devices, from anywhere
  • Use Top Hat in combination with your textbook to engage students before, during and after class

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Choose from our growing catalog

  • Explore the Top Hat Catalog, with more than 2,500 interactive textbooks across all major disciplines
  • Save time with pre-built coursepacks, question banks and supplemental materials
  • Benefit from 1:1 instructional design support to adapt any title to suit your needs and course objectives

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House learning insights in one place

  • Use the Top Hat gradebook to capture the results of your homework and reading assignments
  • View results from quizzes, polls and tests in one place to get a holistic view of student performance
  • Easily export student data to all major LMS providers, including Blackboard, Canvas, D2L Brightspace, Moodle and Sakai

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“The biggest advantage of Top Hat textbooks is the ability to modify chapters on the go: you can delete parts of a chapter, you can add your own questions—and this is unique to Top Hat. My students learned more, they participated more, and I could keep tabs on how they were learning.”

FAQs about Top Hat’s digital textbooks

What are the benefits of digital textbooks?

The best digital textbooks or college etextbooks are more flexible and engaging than their traditional print counterparts. Here are some good reasons for consideration:

  • More interactive: Students can read chapters packed with video content, interactive, high-res images, and assessment questions that keep them engaged and thinking critically about the material.
  • More convenient: Digital textbooks are accessible on any device, with or without Internet access.
  • More affordable: Digital textbooks are typically far less expensive than print textbooks.
  • More up-to-date: Benefit from on-demand updates to ensure content is always current.

Where can I get Top Hat’s digital textbooks?

The Top Hat Catalog is our textbook marketplace, a one-stop-shop for all your digital textbook needs. Explore our catalog of textbooks, lab manuals, course packs and supplementary materials. to get a complimentary copy of any textbook you’re interested in or a from one of our representatives.

How do I author my own textbook?

With easy-to-use authoring tools, Top Hat allows professors to create their own online student textbook and make it immediately available to students. Or you can you can use our elearning authoring software to take it to the next level by becoming a published author in the Top Hat Catalog.

Top Hat offers end-to-end project management and editorial services to help you take your ideas from draft to finished product with full support at every step.

How does Top Hat integrate with my learning management system (LMS)?

The Top Hat gradebook is a repository of every digital interaction between instructors and students. Reading completion data, as well as answers to every question and poll from your interactive textbook and class meetings, are available automatically in the gradebook. Top Hat offers seamless integrations with all major LMS providers including Blackboard, Canvas, D2L, Moodle and Sakai. That means all the data that’s in your gradebook can be synced with your LMS, quickly and easily.

Modernize your course materials

One of our textbooks is perfect for you—to drive student success and to bring your teaching into the present. Talk to an educational technology consultant today.

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Your all-in-one teaching and learning platform

Textbooks are just one of the many ways Top Hat enables professors to teach with engaging content, tools and activities in online, hybrid or face-to-face classrooms.