1. Top Hat Field Report: Student Perspectives on Assessments, Career-readiness, Diversity & Inclusion

    Click here to download a PDF version of the slideshow Click here to download a PDF version of the slideshow Resources:Top Hat Field Report: 2,798 Students on Assessments, Career-readiness, and Diversity and Inclusion in the Classroom

  2. Infographic: What Students Want from the Post-COVID Classroom

    Students are excited about a return to campus. But after more than a year of remote learning, many are placing greater value on accessibility, flexibility and what happens inside the classroom.

  3. 3,052 College Students on the Good, the Bad and Learning Post-COVID

    More than a year has passed under the shadow of COVID-19. While there are bright spots and important lessons for institutions preparing for a return to campus, students remain deeply ambivalent about learning online.

  4. The New Higher Education Value Equation

    Just about every investment used to market higher ed seems to revolve around everything but what happens inside the classroom. The pandemic has upended the old calculus in brutal fashion.

  5. Top Hat Research Report

    Educators see tangible results in the classroom while using Top Hat

  6. Higher Ed Students Grade the Fall 2020 Semester

    More than 3,400 students talked to us about the value they see in their college investment right now. Find out what they said.

  7. Top Hat Student Survey — April 2020

    Understanding what’s important to today's college students will set the stage for success in the Fall

  8. Faculty Preparedness Survey

    How confident do faculty feel heading into the unprecedented fall 2020 semester? Will students see value in the online and blended learning on offer? Find the answers to these questions, and many more, in our free report.

  9. Top Hat Faculty Survey

    Half of respondents lack confidence in students’ ability to be successful and see value in their educational investment in the Fall

  10. Adrift In A Pandemic

    In this free report, we highlight the results of our survey of 3,089 North American higher ed students. We examine their thoughts on the move to emergency remote teaching in early 2020—and the implications for university administrators in the lead-up to the fall semester.

  11. Infographic: The Rise of Textbook Prices in The 21st Century

    Textbook prices are still too high, and there’s been little progress on cost in the past five years. We look at the figures, the consequences—and the solutions.

  12. American Professors: Lecturing Less, Worrying More

    According to the 2018 Professor Pulse Survey, college faculty say they’re increasingly using active learning to change the way they teach. But many fear that rising tuition and government neglect are chipping away at the foundations of higher education

  13. How the Average Cost of Textbooks is Increasing: Infographic

    The average cost of textbooks has risen three times faster than the rate of inflation—but it's time for change. Our infographic will give you a snapshot of the decline of the textbook empire and a vision for the future of educational publishing.

  14. The Death of Textbook Publishing & The Future of College Course Content

    This white paper highlights the pattern of revenue decline in the textbook industry, and explains why OER is a viable option for professors and students looking for affordable and engaging content.

  15. Report: Professor Pulse 2018

    We surveyed nearly 2,000 faculty members across North America and asked them to weigh in on the current state of higher education, their careers and how they use technology in the classroom

  16. Panel: The Pros & Cons of OER

    In this panel discussion, educators who’ve both authored and adopted OER discuss the pros and cons, and why they’ve ultimately embraced OER as the future of teaching and academic community-building