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Seeing the benefits of smartphones in the classroom

Education technology

Students See Benefits to Using Smartphones in the Classroom

Allowing students to use their smartphones in the classroom is controversial, and some instructors ban the devices—or, at least, closely monitor their usage

#Textbookbroke campaign

Student life

#TextbookBroke Campaign Highlights Cost of College Textbooks

Students are shedding light on the cost of college textbooks, and the digital solutions that could save them money, with the #TextbookBroke campaign hashtag

Fill in the blank questions

How-to guides

Fill in the Blank Questions for Assignments and in Class

Auto-graded fill in the blank questions are hard to fit to the needs of students. Here's how to create them on Top Hat and allow room for flexible answers

Creative teaching ideas

Innovative educators

4 Creative Teaching Ideas to Use During Your College Course

Need a boost as you enter into the new semester? Four creative teaching ideas for each stage of your course, from group projects to... conspiracy theories

Bloom's Taxonomy activities

How-to guides

Class Activities Inspired By Bloom’s Taxonomy: Your Step-by-Step Guide

How do you keep students interested throughout your lecture? With Bloom's Taxonomy, class activities are easy to structure

Does class size matter?

Faculty life

Does Class Size Matter For Student Engagement?

When you're tracking student engagement, does class size matter, or are there other factors at work? We talk to two experts in higher education policy

2018 edtech predictions

Education technology

Top 2018 Edtech Predictions: New Mindsets and Finding Value

We spoke to Elijah Mayfield and Todd Brekhus, two of the top influencers in the educational technology world, to get their 2018 edtech predictions

5 top edtech stories from 2017

Education technology

5 of the Top Edtech Stories From 2017

2017 was all about the change in the way that information is delivered and organized. Here are top edtech stories from 2017 that had a significant impact