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Assessment strategies

Teaching trends

3 New Assessment Strategies for Testing in Higher Ed

Normal test-taking isn't always the best way to judge a student's progress. Here are three more assessment strategies that help redefine classroom success

Writing interactive texts

Education technology

Writing Interactive Textbooks: 4 Things We’ve Learned

Professors who’ve gone through the process of writing interactive textbooks explore the merits of digital authoring and new ways for students to learn


Innovative educators

When Science Students Experiment Outside the Lab, They Thrive

Science students that have trouble connecting with the topic can discover the benefits of the scientific method for themselves when they exit the lab

Top Hat's boardroom.

Education technology

Top Hat Wins PROFIT 500 Excellence In Innovation Award

Canadian Business magazine’s PROFIT 500 Excellence in Innovation Award recognizes Top Hat's work pushing boundaries in education and technology

Shaded man walking with phone

Student life

Yik Yak Successor Aims to Bring Mobile Chat Back to Campus

After Yik Yak, a college-based, largely anonymous, chat app shut down earlier this year after numerous issues, another app may be about to take its place

Innovative educator awards

Innovative educators

Engage 2017’s Innovative Educator Awards: Who Won and Why

In our inaugural Innovative Educator Awards, we selected four educators who showed focus, spirit and imagination in improving student engagement and results

Engage 2017: Mike Silagadze

Faculty life

4 Things We Learned About Modern Teaching at Engage 2017

At the Engage 2017 conference in Chicago, guests enjoyed an array of sessions that touched on several modern teaching techniques

Jonah Berger

Innovative educators

Tips from Jonah Berger, Marketing Professor, on Spreading Your Ideas

Jonah Berger, Wharton marketing professor, has spent over 15 years studying social influence. We speak to him ahead of his Engage 2017 conference keynote