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Technology in higher education

Teaching trends

Q&A: Phil Hill on Technology Trends in Higher Education

Edtech expert Phil Hill: "You can’t look at trends in higher education over the next five to 10 years as just a projection of what already happened."

Custom textbooks increase engagement and are more affordable

Teaching trends

3 Advantages of Custom Textbooks Versus Traditional Textbooks

Custom textbooks offer a lot of advantages to professors and students over print textbooks that are rarely updated—such as affordability


How-to guides

How To Assign Students Randomly Generated Questions With Top Hat

Instead of assigning the same questions to everyone, set a numerical range or a set of phrases to choose from—and have the answers automatically graded



How Professors Can Manage Information Overload

We could all use help preventing information overload. Join podcaster Bonni Stachowiak to learn about a practical strategy: personal knowledge management

Chris Bone: Student-centered learning

Innovative educators

Student-Centered Learning: 4 Ways Students Can Take Over

What happens when student-centered learning is set to maximum level, and the sage-on-the-stage becomes the student? Assessment, peer coaching and more

Online teaching inspiration

How-to guides

Online Teaching Strategies You Can Adopt in the Classroom

Teaching in-person and teaching online may appear vastly different, but you can save time in the classroom by borrowing best practices from online teaching

Course administration

How-to guides

4 Course Administration Tips to Help You Plan Ahead

Course administration is time-consuming and not very rewarding. Good thing that Top Hat has some features that can speed up the process

Online teaching: Too many questions!

How-to guides

Online Teaching: 4 Unique Challenges and How to Solve Them

Just secured your first online teaching job? Is this your first online course? Prepare for some new challenges—such as receiving torrents of e-mails