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Social psychology gamification

Innovative educators

Gamifying the Social Psychology Class: Winning Big with Video

When one University of Hawaii professor saw engagement in his online social psychology class dropping off, video problem-solving games boosted it by 143%

Hurricane Harvey

Faculty life

Hurricane Preparedness and Recovery: What Faculty Should Do

Students, faculty and staff are doing their best to return to a routine at the Coastal College of Georgia. Read some of their hurricane preparedness tips

Secure test: Prevent exam cheating

Education technology

Prevent Online Exam Cheating with Top Hat’s Secure Test

How do you prevent exam cheating if students take tests online? Our Secure Test solution helps by locking candidates out if they browse away from the test

Innovative Educators: Music Courses With Student Self-Assessment

Innovative educators

Orchestrating Engagement: Self-Assessment for Music Students

In the first in our series focusing on innovative educators, we see how music prof Brian Alegant uses self-assessment—where students grade their own work

Student attendance at Harvard

Teaching trends

Student Attendance Matters, Even If Lectures Are Online. Ask Harvard

As Harvard reverses its decision on whether computer science students should attend lectures in person, we look at how student attendance relates to success

Anatomy textbook showing picture of heart

Education technology

An Interactive Anatomy Textbook With Heart

A total of 83% of students said that Top Hat's anatomy textbook, with interactive dissection and discussion questions, was "better than other books"

Dynamic textbook

Education technology

Dynamic Textbook Revisions Will Keep Your Classes Cutting Edge

Professors and students will no longer have to wait years for a new edition of a textbook with our new collaboration tools that offer the ability to update

Lecturer career advice

Faculty life

Lecturer Career Ideas: 4 Ways To Get Ahead

How you can boost your lecturing career and improve your reputation, knowledge and student feedback, with online training and more