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Technology in higher education

Teaching trends

Q&A: Phil Hill on Technology Trends in Higher Education

Edtech expert Phil Hill: "You can’t look at trends in higher education over the next five to 10 years as just a projection of what already happened."

Custom textbooks increase engagement and are more affordable

Teaching trends

3 Advantages of Custom Textbooks Versus Traditional Textbooks

Custom textbooks offer a lot of advantages to professors and students over print textbooks that are rarely updated—such as affordability


How-to guides

How To Assign Students Randomly Generated Questions With Top Hat

Instead of assigning the same questions to everyone, set a numerical range or a set of phrases to choose from—and have the answers automatically graded

Chris Bone: Student-centered learning

Innovative educators

Student-Centered Learning: 4 Ways Students Can Take Over

What happens when student-centered learning is set to maximum level, and the sage-on-the-stage becomes the student? Assessment, peer coaching and more

Online teaching inspiration

How-to guides

Online Teaching Strategies You Can Adopt in the Classroom

Teaching in-person and teaching online may appear vastly different, but you can save time in the classroom by borrowing best practices from online teaching

Course administration

How-to guides

4 Course Administration Tips to Help You Plan Ahead

Course administration is time-consuming and not very rewarding. Good thing that Top Hat has some features that can speed up the process

Online teaching: Too many questions!

How-to guides

Online Teaching: 4 Unique Challenges and How to Solve Them

Just secured your first online teaching job? Is this your first online course? Prepare for some new challenges—such as receiving torrents of e-mails

University sued by microbiology student

Faculty life

University Sued by Microbiology Student in ‘Unusual Case’

Just how responsible should a university be for a student’s success? Are institutions legally responsible for delivering a proposed course syllabus?