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Susan Cain


Susan Cain’s 6 Things to Know About Introverts in the Classroom

According to Susan Cain, author of the best-seller Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking, higher education often penalizes introverts through group work and participation points—and some students even have to pretend to be extroverts in order to fit into the system



Top Hat Talks: Engaging Quiet Students with Top Hat Classroom

How do you, as a professor, foster an open, engaged environment in which every student can learn, regularly contribute and benefit from your lectures? Join Professor Matt Numer as he shares his advice on getting students to participate in class using technology

textbook companies being disrupted

Student life

How The 5 Main Textbook Companies are Being Disrupted

The past 40 years will be seen as a time when college textbook companies ignited, expanded and then began to die. And it’s all down to how people read

Should cellphones be allowed in school?

Education technology

Should Cellphones Be Allowed in School? Only With a Plan

Should cellphones be allowed in school? College students are going to bring their cellphones to class no matter what you do. Instead of opting to ban or ignore them, you have a third option: harness their power. Learn how you can turn this obstacle into a win for your students



Share Your Opinions in the 2018 Professor Pulse Survey

No one knows more about the current state of higher ed than you do. So, we’re turning to educators for the inside scoop on the issues that really matter. Take our survey on the state of higher education, and be in the running to win an iPad or 1 of 10 Amazon gift cards

Introverts and extroverts and the classroom

Teaching trends

Teaching Introverts and Extroverts in the Higher Ed Classroom

The “extrovert ideal”—where active classroom discussion and participation is rewarded and associated with success—is a mistake many teachers make, with introverts and extroverts alike. New York Times bestseller Susan Cain explains why

Active Learning: Why It Matters in a Digital World

Teaching trends

Active Learning: Why It Matters in a Digital World

In an exclusive excerpt from our latest e-book, Active Learning: The Perfect Pedagogy for the Digital Classroom, education journalist Philip Preville demonstrates how digital technology can be adapted to the classroom to help facilitate active learning tactics

Does class size matter?

How-to guides

Active Learning: The Perfect Pedagogy for a Digital Classroom

In this free guide you’ll hear from innovative professors who’ve leveraged technology to improve the student experience with active learning