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Attendees at the Interact 2018 conference in Phoenix, AZ.

Innovative educators

7 Takeaways From Interact 2018 On Interactive Textbooks & OER

Seven of the top takeaways from our inaugural one-day look at textbook innovation, from the implications of OER in the classroom to assignment questions

Bloom's Taxonomy should also prioritize creativity and depth of knowledge

How-to guides

Bloom’s Taxonomy: 3 Ways To Reshape The Pyramid

For those who might not have had conclusively positive results adopting Bloom’s Taxonomy, here are some ways to adapt it and build on its suggestions

Ivey Business School: Technology in education and business schools

Education technology

How Technology in Education is Pioneered By Business Schools

Business schools and management professors are pioneering technology in education by hacking standard course materials with digital alternatives

Professor Thomas Morgan, who updated his course with digital textbooks to facilitate active learning.

Innovative educators

How to Add Active Learning to a Course: Use a Digital Textbook

By matching video lectures with chapters, this professor was able to flip his class and freshen up an old prerequisite course with a digital textbook


Education technology

Open Educational Resources at Top Hat: Why Free Now Means Free

Top Hat has created a free, platform-independent marketplace for open educational resources (OER). In this open letter, founder Mike Silagadze explains why


Innovative educators

What Happens in a Top Hat Certification Class

Find out about our next Top Hat Certification course, which covers textbook editing, classroom engagement and assignments, from a teaching perspective

Digital textbooks author Cynthia Benelli

Innovative educators

Digital Textbooks Erase Barriers For Teachers and Students Alike

Authors of digital textbooks are short-circuiting the gatekeepers and saving their students money. Read the success story of one Economics instructor


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Free Guide: How Digital Textbooks Help Learning

Get inspiration from 11 professors across North America who switched their print textbooks for digital ones—and became heroes in their very own classroom