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Guide: Work-Life Balance, A Handbook for Professors

In this Work-Life Balance handbook for professors, we investigate the issues and offer concrete steps that educators can take to achieve work-life balance.


Student life

A Humanities Degree is Not a Waste of Time

Research, information literacy and deconstructing a problem are all important skills honed by a humanities degree, says associate professor Amber Day



Have Your Say: Top Hat’s 2017 Professor Pulse Survey

We received over 20,000 entries from faculty across the globe in our last professor survey. Professor Pulse 2017 is ready to roll

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What Happens When Students Can’t Buy Textbooks

Going to class without the proper textbooks is like going for a run without proper running shoes. You might start off well, but you’ll quickly fall behind

VR in Education

Education technology

Where VR in Education Has The Greatest Potential

VR in education isn't just entertaining. It could become integral to a holistic, three-dimensional understanding of a particular subject


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Overcoming The Hurdles to Adopting Technology in Class

Dr. Thierry Karsenti, Canada Research Chair on Technologies in Education, believes technology in class is inevitable and should be embraced soon as possible

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Texas Rio Grande Valley Students Acclaim Online Textbooks

Some 98 percent of University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV) chemistry students who used a Top Hat interactive textbook preferred it over print

A shot from Startupfest 2016. Scaleupfest 2017 is on July 12.

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Scaleupfest: Engagement and Growth Across Borders

Top Hat CEO Mike Silagadze is at Scaleupfest 2017 to talk about international growth and working with investors across borders