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Writing Multiple Choice Questions: Some different techniques

How-to guides

Writing Multiple Choice Questions: There’s More You Can Do

Writing multiple choice questions for class? Here are three ways to use Top Hat to add greater depth—segmenting, comparing sessions and anonymous polling

High cost of textbooks

Student life

Cost of Textbooks No Longer Rational For Modern Students

The high cost of textbooks hails from a time when professors passed out physical handouts and wrote on a chalkboard. This is no longer feasible

Fair assessment of Women in STEM classes

Teaching trends

Strategies for Fair Assessment of Women in STEM Classes

A Minnesota study into one particular introductory biology course asks questions over fair assessment of men and women in high stakes testing and lab work

Gamification examples

Innovative educators

Gamification Examples That Foster Competition in Students

Here are a couple of great gamification examples that can get college students enthusiastically preparing for your class and wanting to win

How to organize a lecture

How-to guides

How to Organize a Lecture: Use This Free Planning Tool

Want to know how to organize a lecture that makes the most of in-class time, yet still focuses on your learning outcomes? Our lecture planning tool may help

Innovative Ways to Teach Your Class

How-to guides

Innovative and Unexpected Ways to Teach Your College Class

This free guide will explore four practical tactics and use real life examples to demonstrate how you can connecting with your students in the digital age

Textbook industry trends

Education technology

Textbook Industry Trends: Why Publishers are in Trouble

How textbook industry trends towards digital content have overtaken conventional print publishers, leaving them in serious financial trouble

Malgosia Green at Engage 2017


Engage 2017: Malgosia Green on The Power of Community

Malgosia Green, Top Hat's chief product officer, on how educators can tap into community-created OER to solve engagement and affordability issues