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Guide: How to Choose a Student Engagement System

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Teaching trends

How Real-Time Feedback Helps Students Grow

Real-time feedback in class can make your courses more personalized, enjoyable and effective in developing students’ knowledge and skills

Online Teaching Conference

Teaching trends

Online Teaching Conference: 3 Seminars You Can’t Miss

The sessions at the Online Teaching Conference in Anaheim that everyone interested in technology and engagement needs to attend

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Students Are Learning Differently. Interactive Textbooks Can Help

Today's students are smarter and more motivated. Interactive textbooks can meet the challenge of engaging them, says textbook author Stephen Buckles

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Innovative educators

Research Digest: Great White Sharks, Tattoos and Detroit

In a series that highlights new research and innovative educators, we look at why great white sharks are returning to the coastline of California

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6 Reasons Why The Next Textbook You Write Should Be Digital

In an excerpt from our e-book, How to Create Interactive Course Content, we look at why digital textbooks are taking over print, and how authors can adapt


How-to guides

Guide: How to Create Interactive Course Content

This handbook highlights the benefits of creating interactive course content and interactive textbooks, and the steps to take to begin authoring.

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Why Innovative Educators Are Using Interactive Content

Our four-part webinar series on interactive content with game-changing professors who decided to sidestep the traditional route to academic publishing.