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James Lang: Making use of the five minutes at the start of class

Innovative educators

Why the First Five Minutes of Class Matter So Much

There is no need to transform, overhaul or tear down and rebuild the way you teach, according to education expert James Lang. You simply need to take a more mindful approach to class time and make an effort to use it better

Top Hat Scholarship

Student life

Top Hat Scholarship Offers $100K For Growth-Minded Students

The financial barrier to higher education is insurmountable for many. But now, professors who have used the Top Hat platform in the past 24 months can nominate outstanding students for one of five Top Hat Scholarships, with a total prize value equivalent to $100,000/year



Top Hat Talks: How to Save Students Money by Using and Scaling Open Educational Resources

Join this live webinar to hear Open Educational Resources experts discuss the rise and benefits of OER in the college classroom

Exit tickets

How-to guides

Easy Ways to Use Exit Tickets in Class

Students aimlessly filing out of class two-thirds of the way through? There’s an established way you can let them go out of the door with purpose and accomplishment: exit tickets


Teaching trends

How to Use Formative Assessment to Improve Subject Mastery

Many students are mostly focused on grades, rather than learning in itself. One prof explains how you can nudge them in the direction of understanding rather than repetition—by making some simple changes to the way you assess

How to get the title Professor

Faculty life

How To Get The Title Professor: Career Steps to Take

To the outsider, being a college or university professor seems like a great career. You get to work everyday in a field or subject you’re passionate about, conducting research and educating the minds of tomorrow. Here’s a guide on entering the profession, and how to get the title Professor


How-to guides

A 19-Point Teaching Checklist For The First-Time Lecturer

Top Hat Scholar and Distinguished Lecturer Emeritus of biology at University of Wisconsin-Madison, Andrew Petto, offers a series of tips to those new to teaching, from preparing and practicing lectures to reviewing after the final exam


Innovative educators

What Makes a Good Teacher in 2018: 3 Traits to Develop

What makes a good teacher in higher education is not your level of knowledge, or even your ability to grade students quickly. It’s down to the relationships you build in class and how you activate those through the techniques you use to teach