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Education technology

E-book: 13 Innovative Professors Share How To Engage Students

Successful educators must not only deliver relevant and engaging course material to their students, but also boost class attendance, among other things

Columbia University journalism

Student life

Would You Pay $150K for a Journalism Degree?

Columbia University is offering a journalism degree that incorporates data science. But with the cost exceeding $100K, is it worth it?

Millenium Park, Chicago

Education technology

Engage 2017: Top Hat Conference Breaks New Ground for Educators

Chicago is the scene for the first Top Hat Conference, Engage 2017, where some of the greatest minds in innovative education will meet and mingle.

CTL History

Faculty life

The Story of America’s First Center for Teaching and Learning

Centers for teaching and learning (CTLs) are now in almost every post-graduate school in North America. But how did they get started and evolve?


How-to guides

Guide: Working with CTLs—A Handbook for Professors

How centers for teaching and learning (CTLs) can save professors time, and directly lead to improved learning outcomes for students

Family life balance

Faculty life

How to Balance Family Life With Academia

To prevent your academic vocation from burdening you and everyone close to you, and swallowing your family life, seek support from colleagues

Carnegie Mellon University

Education technology

Lauren Herckis, Anthropologist, on Barriers to Adopting Edtech

Most resistance to classroom tech is less due to educators' fear of looking stupid, but more anxiety over student evaluation and idealizing existing methods

APA Convention

How-to guides

What to do at the 125th Annual APA Convention

With hundreds of talks, events and socials going on at the APA convention, we’ve rounded up a few ideas that psychology educators might find intriguing