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Teaching trends

6 Apps For Teachers Struggling With Information Overload

These apps for teachers, as recommended by Bonni Stachowiak of the Teaching in Higher Education podcast, will help you take back control of your information consumption and solve the mystery of where your time is going


How-to guides

How to Introduce a Classroom Response System: Practical Tips

Psychology professor Jenel Cavazos writes on her experience implementing a classroom response system, offering tips on the practical—and technical—tasks to achieve success

Fill in the blank questions

How-to guides

Fill in the Blank Questions for Assignments and in Class

Fill in the blank questions: Auto-graded fill in the blank questions are hard to fit to the needs of students. Here's how to create them on Top Hat and allow room for flexible answers


Teaching trends

Bloom’s Taxonomy: A History and Why It’s Important

In this extract from our exclusive e-book, award-winning higher education journalist Philip Preville looks at the history and origin of Bloom's taxonomy and ponders its future place in classrooms that are increasingly dominated by technology


Innovative educators

How I Taught This: Keeping Nighttime Students Engaged and On Task

Video: A marketing professor who often teaches students at night discusses how he uses Top Hat to keep students attentive and on task


Faculty life

3 Things We Learned About OER Adoption From C. Edward Watson

C. Edward Watson, Associate VP at the Association of American Colleges and Universities, offers tips for admin on how networking with faculty effectively and making the case for open textbooks


How-to guides

The Secrets of the Cognitive Domain in Bloom’s Taxonomy

An alternate way to look at Bloom’s taxonomy in the cognitive domain is to introduce a new dimension to the pyramid: the knowledge dimension. Here's how to apply it, and some of the challenges involved

Blooms taxonony: Original and revised pyramids

How-to guides

Guide: The Professor’s Guide to Using Bloom’s Taxonomy

In this free guide you’ll learn the core principles of Bloom’s taxonomy and hear from professors who have effectively put it to work in their college classrooms