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Formative and summative assessment

Teaching trends

How Formative and Summative Assessment Work Together

Many have studied the relationship between formative and summative assessment to find out whether one can help students succeed at the other

Absent vs. present: College class attendance taking

How-to guides

Tools That Make Modern College Class Attendance Taking Easy

More and more people take classes part-time or balance their studies with family. Top Hat's college class attendance taking tools offer teaching flexibility

94% of students say cellphones in school help them learn

Student life

Cellphones in School are Essential to Learning, Say Students

75% of students say digital devices help them learn more, and 94% want to use cellphones in school for academic purposes, says our Student Pulse 2017 Survey


How-to guides

How to Choose the Best Assessment Tool for Your College Class

Assignments, midterms and final exams are not always a good indicator of student knowledge. Download our free guide to learn the technology-led alternatives

Cheating in college using keyloggers

Faculty life

Keylogging is the Latest Way of Cheating in College

Professors have always had to contend with cheating in college. But some students are getting caught with software or even USB keys that record keypresses

Isolated students

Student life

How Profs Can Help Isolated Students Make Connections

Isolated students, who find it hard to deal with new situations and making friends, are at risk of dropout and health issues. Here's how one prof helps them

Lecture questions with click on target

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Asking Visual Lecture Questions Using Click on Target

Visual learners make up 65 percent of the student population. If you’re teaching using diagrams and charts, try asking lecture questions in the same medium

Professor training doesn't often happen in college

Faculty life

How to Improve Teaching When Professor Training Doesn’t Exist

Author and professor Jacques Berlinerblau is sounding the alarm over college professor training: teachers, he says, are not being taught how to teach