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Professor Pulse

Teaching trends

American Professors: Lecturing Less, Worrying More

According to the 2018 Professor Pulse Survey, college faculty say they’re increasingly using active learning to change the way they teach. But many fear that rising tuition and government neglect are chipping away at the foundations of higher education

2018 Professor Pulse Survey

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Report: Professor Pulse 2018

We surveyed nearly 2,000 faculty members across North America and asked them to weigh in on the current state of higher education, their careers and how they use technology in the classroom


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3 Video Question Ideas to Help Students Develop Soft Skills

Soft skills—also referred to emotional intelligence—represent the ability to think critically, communicate effectively and create amicable relationships with others. Here's how video can be used in assessments to help your student develop these skills

Ultimate guide to Bloom's taxonomy

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Bloom’s Taxonomy: The Ultimate Guide

Read this Ultimate Guide to gain a deep understanding of Bloom's taxonomy, how it has evolved over the decades and how it can be effectively applied in the learning process to benefit both educators and learners


Teaching trends

Experiential Education Provides Deep Learning Opportunities

How experiential education can take place inside the classroom through techniques such as role-playing, simulations and collaborative group work, and utilize new technologies such as VR


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The Hidden Powers of Classroom Multiple Choice Questions

By adding a little more depth to multiple choice questions you ask in class, you can get a surprisingly sophisticated understanding of your students’ progress towards mastery


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Self-Regulated Learning: 5 Ways to Add it to Your Class

With so much uncertainty in the job market, self-regulated learning has become an essential skillset for lifelong learning and the ability to adapt to changing job requirements.


Innovative educators

Sir Ken Robinson Announced As Keynote Speaker At Engage 2018

Internationally acclaimed expert on creativity and innovation in education, and author of the books Finding Your Element, The Element and Out of Our Minds, to speak at Top Hat conference