1. Free Syllabus Template for College Courses

    Download this free blank lesson plan template in Word or PDF. Designed by Top Hat's instructional design team for use in your university classroom.

  2. Backwards Design Lesson Plan Template for College Courses

    Your lesson plans are one of the most important tools to set your students up for success. Download this template today!

  3. The Ultimate List of Icebreakers for the College Classroom

    These icebreakers will help foster a sense of belonging for your students. Download our free list of 50 icebreakers for your college course.

  4. Course Planning Template for Higher Education

    This free and fully customizable course plan will help you track learning outcomes, weekly lecture material and assessments. Download to get a checklist, lesson planner and more.

  5. Webinars for Your Discipline

    Overcome the most common teaching and learning challenges of major disciplines in our new series of live webinars.

  6. Teaching Templates

    As a busy educator, you’ve got enough on your plate. When was the last time you took a step back to think about how you’re teaching, and whether or not your students are getting all they can out of your lectures?

  7. Exit Ticket Templates

    Download the free Exit Ticket Template, a customizable, easy to use exit ticket guide that will help professors to course correct and assess students at the end of every lecture

  8. Lecture Plan Template and Resources

    Download your free Lecture Plan Template: a simple, one-page document that puts your students front and center, and helps you make intentional choices about the content you present in class. Use this free lecture plan template for all of your courses, or try it for one lecture.The Lecture Plan Template and Resources are part of […]

  9. Effective Assessment Methods

    Choosing the best assessment methods is something that many educators struggle with. How do you assess for understanding while making sure you remain aligned with your course and learning outcomes?Download Effective Assessment Methods: a strategic resource that will teach you how to incorporate useful assessment strategies into your lecture. By further examining what you are asking […]