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Top Hat is passionate about designing our websites, applications and features so that they benefit all students. We use the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 based on Section 508 and Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act requirements to help make Top Hat a positive experience for all our users.

We want everyone who uses Top Hat to feel welcome and find the experience rewarding.

Ongoing accessibility

Top Hat is dedicated to continuous improvement of its products and services in creating an inclusive environment to all users. We are working hard towards a goal of Level AA compliance but we realize there are areas that still need improving.  The following describes some of the areas where we still need improvement. When available we describe a possible work-around. For a complete list, please refer to our VPATs below.

Keyboard Focus

In some places keyboard focus is not visible.  Users can compensate for this by using programs that offer an alternate focus treatment such as VoiceOver or the Flying Focus extension for Google Chrome.

Alternate Text and Labelling

Most user interface elements are labelled with several exceptions including some buttons in Present mode and some content filter buttons within the gradebook.

Use of Color

Top Hat generally does not use color alone to convey information though some elements, such as the Student Online/Offline indicator, do.

Page Layout

Top Hat makes use of headings to properly layout pages, though in some cases, the headings are not in hierarchical order or are missing altogether.

Image Maps

Top Hat in general does not make use of Image Maps, with the exception of the Click on Target question type. This question type is primarily used to create a visual experience and providing text alternatives would undermine that experience.  It is recommended that professors create an alternative question (e.g. multiple choice) to accommodate students with visual impairments.


While the Top Hat application does make use of tables, it does not include proper header tags (<th>) or scope attributes.

The sorting functionality in tables is currently communicated to AT through the use of aria-labels and a heading that indicates how data is sorted, however Top Hat does not make use of the dedicated ARIA markup for this purpose

Skip Links

The Top Hat application provides a ‘Skip to Content’ link at the top of most pages, though some, such as the Content page does not. User must manually navigate through these area to get to the content of interest. Alternatively they can use assistive technologies, such as VoiceOver’s Rotor ro skip to the content of interest.

Documentation & Support:

Top Hat’s Accessibility Plan

Top Hat is committed to improving accessibility. We are putting the following policies into practice as required by the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act.

Top Hat’s Accessibility Plan

Voluntary Product Accessibility Templates

Support articles

Professor: Utilizing Top Hat with Accessibility

For more information

For general inquires or more information about our accessibility please contact us at: info@tophat.com

If you need direct help please contact our support team using any of the following

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