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How our pricing works


Professors sign up for a free Top Hat account


You and your students get automatic access to:

  • Free textbooks and course materials from the Top Hat Marketplace

  • Top Hat Assignment


Your students pay a fee when you decide to adopt:

  • Top Hat Classroom

  • Top Hat Test

  • Premium textbooks and course materials from the Top Hat Marketplace

For courses beginning May 1, 2018 or after, each of your students pays:

Classroom Learn More Textbook Learn More Assignment Learn More Test Learn More

4 Months



Or low-cost depending on the course materials you adopt from the Top Hat Marketplace



Top Hat Test is currently only available as a four-month subscription.

1 Year


4 Years


Special offer for Top Hat Textbook adopters

When you adopt premium Top Hat content, your students can also get access to a one-term Top Hat Classroom subscription for $10—that's a $16 savings.

What is the Top Hat Marketplace?

The Top Hat Marketplace is an online hub for educators to discover, create, customize and collaborate on things like interactive textbooks and question packs. Kinda like an app store.

  • Over 20,000 open educational resources available

  • Includes content from OpenStax and Saylor

  • 90% of content is free

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What is premium content?

Specific textbooks built on Top Hat that offer higher levels of interactivity, making the content more engaging, fresh and up-to-date. Premium content still comes at a significant discount versus traditional publisher textbooks:

Avg. Top Hat Textbook
Avg. Publisher Textbooks

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