Empowering educators and students with a human-centered application of AI

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We all want to do our best.
With the right tools, we can.

Ace, Top Hat’s new AI-powered assistant, is the latest milestone in our mission to make education more effective, inclusive, and accessible.

Designed to help create more impactful teaching and learning experiences for both educators and students, today Ace offers AI-enabled support for studying and course prep.

This is just the beginning—Ace’s ability to impact higher education will continue to develop and evolve to drive innovation grounded in evidence-based principles.

You create the lecture, Ace adds the engagement

Make active learning part of your lectures with the click of a button. Ace's AI-powered lecture enhancer makes it faster and easier to add low stakes assessments to in-class sessions, creating evidence-based learning experiences for your students.

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Generate questions from your slide content with one click

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Edit the generated questions as you see fit

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Upload full presentation slide decks and let Ace suggest questions to drive student engagement

Ace brings AI super powers to course prep

With Ace, educators can generate AI-powered questions that make it easier and faster to integrate low-stakes assessments into content for any course.

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With one click, Ace generates questions, hints, and explanations, giving students more opportunities for practice and immediate feedback

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The generated questions, hints, and explanations gives educators more time to spend with their students, fostering curiosity, collaboration, and a greater sense of belonging

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The content generated by Ace can be added directly to the material or edited, saving educators time while still providing full control over their course

Ace gives studying an AI-powered boost

Now when students are looking for help on assignments, they don’t have to leave the learning environment to find assistance. Ace offers AI-powered study support in the moment, when and where students need it.

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    Ace acts as a helpful study resource for students to test their understanding as they work through material

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    Ace delivers relevant responses built from the context of the course material being studied

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    Ace invites students to engage more deeply with content, turning coursework into a conversation that inspires them to work through the material with confidence

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