Top Hat Summer Camp features talks by acclaimed educational experts and faculty presenters designed to elevate your teaching. 

See how fellow instructors are upping the ante on student engagement in and out of class. Dive into the future of AI and learn how Top Hat is evolving to empower personalized, relevant and equitable learning to make all students feel they belong. Watch any session you like.

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Get a first-hand look at Top Hat’s latest features, the future of learning with AI, and how to lay the foundation for a more welcoming start to the new semester.

  • Equitable Learning in the Age of AI

    Brad Cohen, Chief Academic Officer, Top Hat

    AI is creating new opportunities to deliver more inclusive and equitable learning—and change is coming quickly. We explore why all good teaching is inclusive and how Top Hat is embracing AI to help more students thrive.

  • What's New with Top Hat?

    Clare Castro, Product Marketing, Top Hat

    See how our latest features are improving the student experience through advanced study tools and peer-to-peer collaboration. Mobile enhancements and greater interactivity are all part of how we’re helping you deliver personalized, equitable and engaging learning in your course.

  • From Syllabus to Assessment:
    Strategies for the New Semester

    José Antonio Bowen, Award-Winning Educator and Author

    How can we design courses that better engage and motivate students? And how can we make the start of the semester more welcoming and inclusive? From tips on creating a great first impression, to reinvigorating your activities and assessments, José Antonio Bowen, author of Teaching Change, is here to set you (and your students) up for success.

  • Creating an Interactive Syllabus

    Cany Dilan, Client Training Specialist, Top Hat

    Building on the talk by José Antonio Bowen, we guide you through the process of creating an interactive syllabus using Top Hat. Learn how to employ video and interactive questions to engage students from the get-go. This is a powerful way to set expectations, drive accountability and excite students about the journey ahead.