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Easy-to-use tools to engage your classroom, adopt and author next generation interactive textbooks, create assignments on the fly and securely administer tests

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Polling and quizzes
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Polls & Quizzes

Use 14 different question types—like multiple choice, click-on-target and numeric answers—to introduce new concepts, reinforce students’ understanding of topics and assess learning. Easily export grades and participation data to your LMS.

In-Class Discussions
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In-Class Discussions

Ask open-ended questions throughout your lecture to spark engaging in-class discussions—plus, get real-time feedback on where students need help. Keep the conversation going after class by assigning graded questions as homework.



Leverage students’ devices to take attendance–whether in-class or online. Track and assign weighted grades to attendance and get regular data-driven insights that help you identify at-risk students.

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Interactive Textbooks

Adopt or create a customizable interactive textbook to extend active learning outside of class meetings.

Track completion and comprehension of course material with in-line interactive questions.

Browse a full assortment of textbooks in our Marketplace, including titles by Top Hat authors and from partners like Bluedoor Publishing and Fountainhead Press.

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Secure Online Tests & Exams

Securely administer quizzes, tests and exams on students’ computers.

Set specific start and end times and verify identities online to ensure that the right students are taking your test. Monitor student activity and generate an easy-to-understand proctor report that flags irregular student behavior.

Secure online tests and exams
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Learning Insights

Get up-to-the-minute insights on how students are doing in your course. Easily identify and reach out to struggling students with actionable progress reports. Track student performance and sync grades directly from the Top Hat gradebook to your LMS.

Auto-graded assignments
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Create auto-graded assignments tailored to your course to reinforce and assess learning asynchronously. Seamlessly upload questions you’ve already created for use right away in your course. Personalize learning by customizing homework, assignment settings and due dates for particular students.

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Create a robust learning environment in your lab. Turn your digital lab manual into an impressive interactive learning experience. Embed videos within your content to easily access additional learning tools, share supplemental web resources for student use, and add materials where you need them and when you can.

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Accessibility Features

Help students tackle the challenges of online learning with best-in-class tools that make your course flexible and accessible. Allow students to dial-in to lecture via phone, offer video replays of your class meetings and provide transcripts of lecture recordings.

Digital textbooks and assignments are optimized for use on mobile devices, so students can complete their work from anywhere.


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