Seamless Lecture

A seamless lecture

Present material, launch questions, and get real-time student feedback without leaving the comfort of your lecture slides.

No hardware to install

Your students use the devices they already own, like their laptops, tablets, or phones. Everything else is in the cloud.

Automate everything

Poll students, track attendance, and automate grading, all in one place. Look at you, all tech savvy and stuff.

Teach from around the room

Free yourself from the podium by presenting your lecture right from the
Top Hat Lecture iPad or Android app.

Every subject, every time

Provide an interactive approach that can be used to enhance learning in any subject, from history to neuroscience.

Text/SMS in answers

Good wifi can be hard to find, so students can text in answers, too. This comes in handy for students without smartphones!

Campus Wide

Use Top Hat for your entire campus

Top Hat Lecture is a platform that empowers professors to deliver more engaging lectures and helps schools learn from their student data. The more students on your campus using Top Hat, the more effective it will be for your campus. Learn more.

icon-features-askquestions Ask Questions in 6 different ways

Multiple Choice

Quickly get results by having them choose the correct answer, or even multiple correct answers, from a list of potentials.

Perfect for polls, in-class quizzes


Integrate images in your teaching by asking students to identify parts of an image by tapping on it with their finger.

Perfect for maps, human anatomy

Numeric answer

Get them thinking by setting integer or decimal value answers, or even allow students to enter a range.

Perfect for calculations, date ranges

Word answer

Increase interaction by having students type in their answer, then see answers automatically visualized with a word cloud.

Perfect for pop-quizzes


Challenge your students with questions that require them to re-arrange similar, yet different, answers into the correct order.

Perfect for a sequence of events


Test their ability to visually sort through information and make connections by matching two related groups of information.

Perfect for placing a date to an event

icon-features-launchdiscussions Launch discussions inside or outside of class

Grade responses

Get them talking by creating a graded discussion and awarding correctness for student responses.

Perfect for short answer questions

Up-vote the best

See what really matters by allowing students to vote on responses they most agree with.

Perfect for seeing which topics need review before exams

Get honest answers

Gain insight into what they really think by creating an anonymous discussion topic.

Perfect for seeing where they’re stuck

icon-features-realtimereporting Real time reporting to gauge understanding


Gauge their understanding immediately with a feedback module to quickly measure how engaged students are in class.

Perfect for large classrooms

Dynamic reporting

Visualize their responses with intuitive bar graphs, heatmaps, word clouds, and many other reporting types.

Perfect for showing cool visuals

Track Results

Track students’ improvement over time, see how different sections performed, and compare responses.

Perfect for being a data wizard

icon-features-gradebook Innovate your teaching so they’ll love you

Interactive games & demos

Drive home concepts through interaction and animation, in or out of class. Choose from our library, or we can build it for you.

Perfect for 3D molecules, difficult-to-grasp concepts


Make class fun by putting students head to head to answer questions and compete based on time and correctness.

Perfect for getting students excited


Motivate students with some healthy competition by displaying their results in real time on the leaderboard.

Perfect for increasing participation

icon-features-innovateteaching Outside of class to keep them learning

Assign Homework

Preserve precious class-time by creating questions, quizzes, or assignments that students can access outside of lecture.

Perfect for take-home tests and online courses

Exam prep

Be transparent by allowing students to see their grades in real-time. Trust us, they love it.

Perfect for exam prep or studying

File upload

Give them access by adding slides, PDFs, pictures, and other documents that students can download before or after class.

Perfect for course notes or handouts

icon-features-automateeverything Automate everything to save you time

Grading & attendance

Stop worrying about tracking participation and attendance; we’ll automatically store it all in the gradebook.

Student View

Be transparent by allowing students to see their grades in real-time. Trust us, they love it

Drill Down

Get the full picture by viewing grades by question, course content, or even by student.

icon-features-easyadmin Easy Administration to make life easier

LMS Integration

Receive seamless integration by connecting your class list and grades to Moodle, Desire2Learn, Canvas, or Blackboard.

Roster Integration

Manage your sections and courses with ease by having students submit their student number when enrolling.

Who’s online

See who’s participating and who’s in class with the Top Hat online status bar.

icon-features-coursepacks Course packs to keep material fresh

Content across courses

Easily reuse content by creating a Course Pack, which you can use across courses.

Perfect for moving common questions across various courses

Discover new material

Expand your lectures by exploring existing course packs and previewing their contents.

Perfect for getting inspired

Inspire colleagues

By sharing folders, questions, or discussions you love (but only if you want to).

Perfect for multiple professors teaching the same course

Accessibility Enabled Image


Screen readers

Top Hat supports screen readers for the visually impaired.

Color blind testing

Top Hat is tested and designed to ensure color blind users are not at a disadvantage.