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    Top Classroom Management Strategies To Try in Your College Courses

    Get 11 classroom management strategies to create a positive and productive learning environment

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    Why Scaffolding Is Essential in the Chemistry Classroom [+ Planner]

    This professor weighs in on how practice and feedback were proven to raise exam scores—and shares his blueprint for getting started

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    How to Equip Your Students With Essential Soft and Hard Skills Using Ed Tech

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    10 Top Hat Tips for a More Engaging Semester

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    The Ultimate Guide to Blended Learning [PLUS: 8 Free Strategies]

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    How Education Technology In The Classroom Can Impact Student Learning

    Technology in the classroom is essential for increasing student engagement and empowering educators to create innovative learning…

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    Digital Doesn’t Mean Dynamic: How College Textbooks Have Evolved

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    Clickers: The Ultimate Guide

    Get strategies and tips that will help you effectively use classroom clickers to increase engagement in your college course

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    8 Ways You Should Use Ed Tech In Your Classroom

    Feedback, centralizing course materials and offering flexibility are just a few of the items students want to see in your next course.…

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    20 Pros & Cons of Technology in the Classroom in 2021 [+ Free Tech Tips from Profs]

    Using classroom technology is proven to increase engagement, flexibility and personalization in any face-to-face, hybrid or online course

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    Bloom’s Taxonomy: The Ultimate Guide [Free Download]

    Gain a deep understanding of Bloom's taxonomy and how it can be effectively applied in the learning process to benefit both educators and…

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    Considering Digital Textbooks? 5 Questions to Ask Before Diving In

    Digital textbooks are the way forward in higher education. Here are five questions to ask yourself when evaluating one for your course.

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    Modernizing Organic Chemistry Textbooks With an Interactive-First Model

    Dr. Steven Forsey, the author of Top Hat’s Organic Chemistry textbook, shares why he wrote his own text and how he uses it to improve the…

  14. Why Gradebook’s New Look Is Here To Stay

    On May 31, 2020 we’ll be retiring Top Hat’s old Gradebook. Read on to learn why I believe the time is right — and what this change…

  15. Debunking the Biggest Myths about Digital Courseware

    Here, we examine four of digital course materials biggest myths in the higher education space and determine the importance of active…

  16. 4 Must-Haves For a Modern Digital Textbook

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    Here is a list of the best Chrome extensions and apps for teachers and professors in 2019. Take your teaching to the next level with these…

  18. Making Smart Choices About Tech In The Classroom

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  19. 4 Emerging Education Technology Trends to Watch

    Education and technology have always developed hand-in-hand—and technology has always informed the way we educate. But we are far from the…

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    Save Time Before, During and After Class with Top Hat

    A little bit of time invested in learning new ways of doing something can pay huge dividends in the future. Top Hat is a single, end-to-end…