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    20 Interactive Classroom Activities for College Students [Plus: Free List of 45+ Activities]

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    20 Classroom Icebreakers For College Professors [Plus: Free List of 50 Icebreakers]

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    10 Essential Icebreaker Activities for Any Online Course [+ Free List of 50 Icebreakers]

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    How to Implement a Syllabus Template in Your College Classroom

    A comprehensive, well-designed syllabus is integral to creating an engaging and motivating learning experience for students

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    How to Implement Experiential Learning in Your College Classroom

    Experiential learning, or learning through doing and then reflecting, is the key to higher-order thinking and critical analysis

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    3 Ways to Bring Your Organic Chemistry Course to Life

    Professor William Ogilvie’s textbook emphasizes a mechanistic approach that favors understanding and application over memorization

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    How to Give General Chemistry Students Confidence

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    How a Digital Textbook Helped Earn This Prof a Perfect Course Evaluation

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    3 Ways to Drive Reading Comprehension Using a Digital Textbook

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    4 Ways to Serve Up Conversation Starters in Class

    Students miss back-and-forth communication with their peers. Here’s how to fix that online.

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    How to Include Inquiry-Based Learning in Your Classroom

    Inquiry-based learning helps deepen students' curiosity and critical thinking by extending education outside the classroom

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    45 Bloom’s Taxonomy Action Verbs to Drive Student Success Online

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    Why Blended Learning Is Key For Colleges In The COVID-19 Era

    Blended learning provides instructors and students with the variety necessary for effective and engaging learning experiences

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    8 Essential Active Learning Strategies for Your Next Class—In Any Modality

    Active learning activities designed for in-person, hybrid or fully online courses

  15. Active Learning Exercises for Multiple Teaching Modalities

    5 activities that work equally well in real-time, self-paced and face-to-face classrooms

  16. How Active Learning Engages Students in The Virtual Classroom

    Community and collaborative learning make active learning an essential part of staying connected in online learning environments

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    4 Synchronous Tools for Online Teaching and Learning

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  18. Why Active Learning is Essential in Virtual Classrooms

    Active learning techniques put collaboration, communication and higher-order thinking at the heart of your online course

  19. Overcoming Student Resistance to Active Learning

    Unlike the relative ease of listening to a lecture, active learning demands a level of effort some students may neither expect nor want

  20. What Active Learning Really Is (and What it Isn’t)

    How professors can make their classrooms into an active learning environment to more effectively engage their students