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    20 Formative Assessment Examples To Use In Your College Classroom

    Informal assessments are an easy way to stay connected with your students and understand their progress in your course

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    Online Teaching: 3 Unique Challenges and How to Solve Them

    Collaboration and communication are essential for ensuring students and educators stay engaged and connected online

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    5 Teaching Strategies For Any Hybrid Class

    Remote teaching continues to give faculty an opportunity to rethink student engagement and accommodation. Here are the top hybrid teaching…

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    The Ultimate Guide to Metacognition for Post-Secondary Courses

    Metacognition—or thinking about thinking—makes for more engaged and insightful learning in the college classroom

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    The Ultimate Guide to Grading Student Work

    Strategies, best practices and practical examples to make your grading process more efficient, effective and meaningful

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    Bloom’s Taxonomy Question Stems For Use In Assessment [With 100+ Examples]

    This comprehensive list of pre-created Bloom’s taxonomy question stems ensure students are critically engaging with course material

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    3 Ways to Drive Reading Comprehension Using a Digital Textbook

    Generation Z aren’t the type to read for fun—here’s how to address that in your real-time and self-paced college classes

  8. What Engaging Assessments Look Like In Online Learning Environments

    Ensure success in online and blended environments by creating assessments that test students on more than just rote memorization

  9. No Grades, No Problem: Is Ungrading the Future of Higher Education?

    Some instructors are turning away from grading in favor of a more holistic approach to student assessments

  10. Choosing the Right Remote Assessment Method for Your Course

    Open book, remote proctored, asynchronous assignment—selecting the appropriate final assessment type will depend on the needs of your…

  11. 5 Options for Flexible and Empathetic Summative Assessments

    With a little creativity and understanding, end-of-semester assessments don't have to suffer

  12. How to Engage Your Students With Effective Assessments

    Well-designed assessments encourage students to prioritize intellectual growth, while equipping them with marketable skills

  13. How to Save 3 Hours of Grading Time

    Top Hat offers tools for easily employing both formative and summative assessments

  14. The Evolution of Testing: Student Assessment Through the Ages

    From oral exams in medieval Europe, to artificial intelligence in modern grading, we track the history of higher ed assessments

  15. 3 Ways Student Data Can Improve Your Teaching

    Leveraging data from your classroom can be one of the most effective ways to ensure students succeed

  16. You Need Weekly Feedback From Your Students. Here’s How

    The traditional method of testing students—once at midterms, and once at finals—works to a certain extent. After midterms, you’ll have…

  17. If You’re Only Assessing 3 Times a Semester, That’s Way Too Little

    Most professors assess at the start of a term, the middle point and at the very end. But professors and students alike can benefit from more…

  18. 5 Time-Saving In-Class Assessment Tools

    Professors can reclaim their out-of-classroom hours with these helpful automatic assessment tools

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    College is Failing Students When It Comes to Digital Literacy

    Tony Bates, who helped pioneer distance education and computer assisted learning at the University of British Columbia, says that leadership…

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    Intro to Biology Textbooks: 3 Subjects They Need To Cover

    Biology—the study of living things and their vital processes—is a continuously evolving field. New cutting-edge research in biology…