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    Modernizing Organic Chemistry Textbooks With an Interactive-First Model

    Dr. Steven Forsey, the author of Top Hat’s Organic Chemistry textbook, shares why he wrote his own text and how he uses it to improve the…

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    I Rejected Tenure to Focus on Fixing the Classroom

    Josh Eyler walked away from a tenured position, choosing instead to pursue his passion: affecting the way professors think about teaching.…

  3. How Interactivity Will Boost Learning in BVT’s Social Psychology Text

    Upgrading a print textbook to contain quizzes, surveys and checkpoints is far from a gimmick, according to psychology textbook author…

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    Agile Teaching vs Active Learning: What’s the Difference?

    In this excerpt from our new e-book, The Professor’s Guide to Agile Teaching, we look at the origin of the agile methodology—and how…

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    4 Tips To Build An Agile Classroom, Courtesy of Engage 2018

    All of our speakers at Engage 2018, our yearly Chicago conference for innovative educators, took the theme of the agile classroom to heart

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    Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy: 3 Ways To Reshape The Pyramid

    Bloom’s Taxonomy is probably the most widespread and enduringly popular model in education. It was created in 1956 by Dr. Benjamin Bloom…

  7. How I Taught This: Flipping the Chemistry Classroom

    It didn’t take Greg Domski long to find his calling. Within two weeks of starting his undergraduate education, he veered off the pre-med…

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    Class Activities Inspired By Bloom’s Taxonomy: Your Step-by-Step Guide

    An important step in developing your course content is determining how it will be delivered to students. How do you select a diverse range…

  9. Flipped Learning 3.0: Take Teaching Beyond PowerPoint

    About the further evolution of flipped learning, where learners can collaborate in online discussions with peers or even subject matter…

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    Why Do Innovative Educators Use Active Learning? Because It Works

    Professors are increasingly leaving traditional lectures behind and making their teaching more effective by getting students to interact…

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    Interactive Texts Play a Key Role In Active Learning

    Rather than swim against the rising tide of technology, the best lecturers have adopted a ‘go with the flow’ approach.

  12. Why Don’t More Law Profs Flip Their Classrooms?

    Classroom flipping is particularly well suited to law, as it encourages discussion and problem solving, says Steven Penney of the University…

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    The Multiple Ways Interactive Texts Beat Hard Copy

    Professor Carl Braunlich explains the advantages that an interactive textbook has over print -- it can be kept up-to-date, for one.