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    6 Ways I Empower Students During Sensitive Class Discussions

    Why we can no longer shy away from polarizing topics in order to cultivate the next generation of socially responsible citizens

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    Reframing the Narrative on First-Year Student Success

    If we’re to help students develop a sense of belonging and agency, it’s time we reframe deficits as strengths, as Jeffrey Klausman…

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    Improving Student Success Takes Community, Purpose and Inspiration

    Our universities are failing historically marginalized students and the reason is uncomfortably clear: the system we have is simply not…

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    ‘If You Can Teach It, You Know It’: The Power of Collaborative Learning

    Want a foolproof way to keep your students engaged? Help them learn from (not just with) their peers.

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    ‘Who’s Being Left Out?’ Dr. Viji Sathy and Dr. Kelly Hogan on Inclusive Teaching

    The award-winning educators offer essential ways to adapt your course design and class environment

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    Want to Boost Academic Integrity? Remove Your Exams (Seriously)

    High-stakes tests were leading to increased cheating and anxiety for this professor. Here are the changes he made.

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    Organic Chemistry Is Hard and It Should Be

    By tailoring homework and providing oodles of opportunities to practice, it’s possible to help students perform in their courses without…

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    Curriculum Development and the 3 Models [+ Free Course Plan Template]

    Learner-centric curriculum development can improve engagement, participation and outcomes in any online or in-person learning environment

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    In Conversation: Scaling Evidence-Informed Teaching Practices

    It’s not about the evidence anymore. Our latest executive roundtable explores the challenges of making active learning standard practice…

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    How to Create a Simple Syllabus for Your College Classroom [+ Free Syllabus Template]

    A comprehensive syllabus is integral to creating an engaging and motivating learning experience. Get a free editable syllabus template for…

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    To Improve STEM Education, First Break with Tradition

    Profound inequities and poor success rates are keeping too many students from becoming tomorrow’s engineers, scientists and healthcare…

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    How to Equip Your Students With Essential Soft and Hard Skills Using Ed Tech

    Students entering the workforce need essential hard and soft skills. Find out how instructors are using ed tech to to prepare their students…

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    9 Pedagogical Approaches for Higher Ed Explained [Plus: 40+ Free Strategies to Implement in Your Classroom]

    Pedagogy is the foundation for all teaching and learning. Here, we highlight nine core pedagogies and tips on how to include them in your…

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    Infographic: The Top Hat Courses and Titles That Made 2022 So Impactful

    Our inaugural Top Hat Graded spotlights faculty efforts to make their discipline more personal and meaningful

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    Boosting Joy and Motivation in Class: In Conversation with Dr. Todd Zakrajsek

    The author behind The New Science of Learning suggests tapping into three motivational theories to keep students interested and motivated

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    We Need a Renewed Commitment to Evidence-Based Teaching

    Our students are our collective future. Let’s get serious about using the best available evidence to teach them.

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    Stop Reviewing and Start Retrieving: Dr. Pooja Agarwal on Making Learning Stick

    The renowned cognitive scientist offers four retrieval practice activities to help students retain information more effectively

  18. 5 Ways to Advocate for Your Students During the Midterm Election

    Scholars online urge educators to adopt an empathetic and flexible mindset as the U.S. midterm election approaches

  19. Teaching College Chemistry in the Digital Age

    We brought together an expert panel at the American Chemical Society meeting in San Francisco to discuss how to engage millennials in the…

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    Relationships, Resilience and Reflection: In Conversation With José Antonio Bowen

    Tap into the ‘New 3 Rs’ in your course policies and assessments and watch student outcomes soar