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    The Ultimate Guide to Metacognition for Post-Secondary Courses

    Metacognition—or thinking about thinking—makes for more engaged and insightful learning in the college classroom

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    21 Team-Building Activities for Students [Plus: Free List of 45+ Activities]

    Creating connections in your classroom will ensure your students are engaged. Use these team-building activities to lay a solid foundation…

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    The Ultimate Guide to Grading Student Work

    Strategies, best practices and practical examples to make your grading process more efficient, effective and meaningful

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    How to Implement Experiential Learning in Your College Classroom

    Experiential learning, or learning through doing and then reflecting, is the key to higher-order thinking and critical analysis

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    Considering Digital Textbooks? 5 Questions to Ask Before Diving In

    Digital textbooks are the way forward in higher education. Here are five questions to ask yourself when evaluating one for your course.

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    How a Digital Textbook Helped Earn This Prof a Perfect Course Evaluation

    Educator Nicole McNichols’ Top Hat textbook aligned with Gen Z’s learning style—plus, boosted student exam scores along with her own…

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    Modernizing Organic Chemistry Textbooks With an Interactive-First Model

    Dr. Steven Forsey, the author of Top Hat’s Organic Chemistry textbook, shares why he wrote his own text and how he uses it to improve the…

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    How to Email Your Professor: A Student’s Guide

    Setting expectations for how and when students communicate with you will lighten your workload and create a more open and transparent…

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    How to Keep Your Presence Alive Amidst a Sea of Black Zoom Boxes

    Zoom can feel distant and impersonal. Here’s how eight educators maintain their presence and build connections online.

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    How These 8 Educators Maintain Flexibility in Their Online Classes

    In our recent #ProfChats, educators share how they incorporate flexibility and empathy into their courses to ensure students are engaged

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    Top Hat Expands Digital Textbook Offerings With Fountainhead Press Acquisition

    The deal adds 500 textbooks to Top Hat’s growing collection of high-quality titles

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    The Ultimate Guide to Open Educational Resources (OER)

    Traditional textbooks no longer make the grade in today’s online learning environment. Here’s why open source textbooks are the way of…

  13. Print Textbook Sales Are On The Rise—Why That Will Only Be Temporary

    Digital, interactive textbooks offer collaboration and accountability to Gen Z students who crave dynamic, customizable learning…

  14. 5 Inspirational Women in Higher Education

    Recognizing and honoring women who are making real change in academia today

  15. Stephen Buckles, Lead Author of Top Hat’s 3 Intro Course for Economics Textbooks

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  20. How Professors Should Evaluate New Course Content

    All higher education textbooks and course content are different, and with so many options to choose from in today’s textbook publishing…