As an educator, it is often difficult to determine at the end of lecture how much your students have understood. This is where exit tickets come in. Exit tickets are a formative assessment tool that are given to the students to complete at the end of class. While they come in many formats, exit tickets are used to assess how well students understand the material they are learning and work to pivot the instructors planning for the next day. While an exit ticket is something many educators would like to incorporate into their lecture, they struggle to find exit ticket questions and exit ticket examples. We’ve compiled some great examples in our exit ticket template below.

Download your free Exit Ticket Template: a customizable, easy to use exit ticket guide that will help you to course correct and assess your students at the end of every lecture. The template includes questions and tips to make your exit ticket effective and thorough.

Whether you’re new to teaching or a seasoned professor, our new Exit Ticket Template will help you to incorporate ongoing assessment into the classroom.

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