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    11 Teaching Styles Designed to Increase Engagement [Updated 2022]

    Evaluate these 11 flexible teaching styles to make your next class a place of engagement, connection and belonging

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    How to Bring Gamification Into Your Classroom

    Use these gamification strategies in your classroom to increase participation, engagement, loyalty and competition.

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    Instructional Strategies: The Ultimate Guide for Professors [+ Free List of 25 Activities]

    Engage, assess and motivate students with these 25 easy-to-use instructional strategies for any discipline

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    How to Implement Experiential Learning in Your College Classroom

    Experiential learning, or learning through doing and then reflecting, is the key to higher-order thinking and critical analysis

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    Save Time Before, During and After Class with Top Hat

    A little bit of time invested in learning new ways of doing something can pay huge dividends in the future. Top Hat is a single, end-to-end…

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    I Rejected Tenure to Focus on Fixing the Classroom

    Josh Eyler walked away from a tenured position, choosing instead to pursue his passion: affecting the way professors think about teaching.…

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    If Your Textbook Is Only Used for Readings, You’re Doing It Wrong

    As any linguistics expert will tell you, words can last a lot longer than the technology they describe. A steamroller doesn’t use steam…

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    3 Students on What They Need to Succeed in College

    Passionate teaching, flexible evaluations and ongoing assessments all contribute to student success

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    Intro to Biology Textbooks: 3 Subjects They Need To Cover

    Biology—the study of living things and their vital processes—is a continuously evolving field. New cutting-edge research in biology…

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    Agile Learning: Collaboration in the Classroom

    Agile learning takes its inspiration from the concept of ‘agile’ as used in the world of technology. Agile teams collaborate on projects…

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    How a Riot, a Rock Band and Rutgers Led to the Rise of Richard Florida

    Top Hat is the active learning platform that makes it easy for professors to engage students and build comprehension before, during and…

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    This Entrepreneur Is Making Kids Fall in Love With Science

    In our recurring series “Academic Admissions” we ask interesting people to tell us about the transformative role education has played in…

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    How Blockbuster Helped Neil Garg Become a Better Prof

    Your first job, whatever it might be, is often a useful foundation, as Neil Garg, Professor of Chemistry at University of California, Los…

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    Grit and a Gift for Engineering Pave a Way for Women in STEM

    Gina Cody, the first woman to have an engineering school named after her in Canada, worked relentlessly to distinguish herself in a…

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    Agile Teaching: 5 Profs On Course Management Principles

    To be spontaneous, you have to plan. It might be a contradiction to look at agile teaching through the lens of course management, but if you…

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    Course Design For Agile Teaching: 5 Ideas To Try

    Rote learning has become passé. So has passive teaching. These days, top educators are thinking about being agile and engaging, and that…

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    How and When To Make A Course Correction While Teaching

    A “course made good” in teaching is like steering a ship—work out where you are, where you’re pointing, and how to change direction…

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    How to Succeed at Course Transformation in a Big Class

    There is a metaphor that postsecondary educators fall back upon when talking about a well-worn course: it’s like a house. Sometimes it…

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    4 Tips To Build An Agile Classroom, Courtesy of Engage 2018

    All of our speakers at Engage 2018, our yearly Chicago conference for innovative educators, took the theme of the agile classroom to heart

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    The Possibilities of An Agile Classroom: Sir Ken Robinson

    His TED talk “Do Schools Kill Creativity?” is the most watched TED Talk in history.