Active Learning, Classroom Engagement Techniques That Work

This guide will provide essential tips for:

  • Professors and instructors
  • Post-secondary administrators
  • Educators struggling to connect with Generation Z

The traditional lecture model is no longer the most efficient way for teachers to impart knowledge to students. With Wi-Fi, smartphones and laptops providing an endless supply of distractions, savvy educators must rely on new teaching methods for classroom engagement. This handbook highlights how using active learning techniques can result in higher student engagement, improved grades and a lower dropout rate. It also discusses how the same technological tools normally associated with distraction can be used to benefit the classroom, and provides readers with actionable tips they can use in classes, regardless of the subject they teach.

This helpful guide will:

  • Discuss what active learning is and why it is more effective than outdated teaching methods
  • Show examples of active learning in practice, complete with actionable tips for implementing it in your class
  • Highlight best practices for incorporating technology into a classroom to facilitate active learning

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