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    Technology in the Classroom in 2021: 3 Pros & Cons

    Educational technology is now an inescapable part of student learning—here’s how to use it to your advantage

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    Top Hat Expands Digital Textbook Offerings With Fountainhead Press Acquisition

    The deal adds 500 textbooks to Top Hat’s growing collection of high-quality titles

  3. The Ultimate Guide to Universal Design for Learning

    UDL emphasizes student accessibility and ensures course delivery is tailored to create customized learning experiences

  4. 5 Ways to Make Recorded Lectures More Engaging

    Recorded lectures provide students with opportunities for connection and collaboration while maintaining the flexibility necessary to learn…

  5. 45 Bloom’s Taxonomy Action Verbs to Drive Student Success Online

    Evaluating student comprehension is a must. Here’s how Bloom’s Taxonomy can help.

  6. Performance-Based Assessment: How to Implement It in the Classroom

    Performance assessment is an increasingly common assessment method that offers significant advantages over traditional high-stakes testing

  7. 20 Formative Assessment Examples To Use In Your College Classroom

    Informal assessments are an easy way to stay connected with your students and understand their progress in your course

  8. Michelle Miller on Radical Availability and How Good Course Design Impacts Community

    If there was ever a time to make trade offs and question our basic assumptions, that time is now

  9. Online Classes vs. Traditional Classes: Which Are Truly More Effective?

    Online courses are no longer a novelty—in fact, they are quickly redefining the entire college experience

  10. Top Hat Adds bluedoor Labs and Course Materials to Support Science Educators

    Bringing the higher ed science publisher on board gives more professors access to high-quality content and active learning tools in this…

  11. Using Top Hat Pro to Raise Student Engagement in the Virtual Classroom

    Our Virtual Classroom tools are designed to help educators connect with their students, wherever learning takes place

  12. Considering Top Hat Pro? We answer your questions

    Answers to the most popular questions from our “Active Learning, Anywhere” webinar

  13. What is Distance Learning? The Benefits of Students Studying Remotely

    With the fall semester approaching, pressure is increasing for institutions and instructors to be ready to teach effectively online

  14. Differentiated Instruction in the Digital Classroom

    For instructors, differentiating instruction according to individual student needs is the key to success in the virtual classroom

  15. Adrift in a Pandemic: Survey of 3,089 Students Finds Uncertainty About Returning to College

    Understanding what’s important to today's college students will set the stage for success in the Fall

  16. We’re Launching Powerful Virtual Classroom Capabilities and a New Free Offering

    With major platform upgrades—and a new free virtual classroom offering—Top Hat is showing educators just how much better online and…

  17. How Top Hat Supports Different Approaches to Summative Assessments

    Top Hat offers two types of remote summative assessments that are flexible and customizable to accommodate online learning

  18. Top Hat Remote Teaching Quick Start Resources

    Access in-depth resources, including webinars, support videos and articles to get started with Top Hat quickly and efficiently

  19. How Top Hat Keeps Your Students Engaged in a Remote Learning Environment

    There are a number of ways for instructors to ensure remote learners stay up to date with course content—no matter where and when they…

  20. Top Hat Announces Free Secure Remote Proctoring for Tests and Exams

    As university and college campuses close, Top Hat is addressing the pressing challenge of administering tests and final exams remotely