Motivated to Learn:
Why Digital Textbooks are More than a Change in Format

Convenience and affordability are two of the many reasons students prefer digital textbooks over print. But not all ‘digital’ textbooks are created equal, nor are they interactive (sorry PDFs).

Research also suggests that for Gen Z learners, simply reading on a screen can result in retaining less information. Turns out the shift from print is about more than just a change in format. Delivering impactful learning means understanding how high quality interactive textbooks are created with today’s students in mind—as well as the opportunity to fundamentally improve the educational experience.

Join us for a multi-disciplinary look at how digital textbooks—powered by active learning technology—are enabling a world where students are equipped and motivated to engage in learning. And, equally important, how they give educators the flexibility to adapt content to their needs while providing the insights to drive student success.

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  • Hear from Donna Battista, Top Hat’s Vice President, Content, on how insights into Gen Z are shaping approaches to content creation to better engage and motivate learners.
  • Learn how fellow educators are using interactive content to create more relevant, impactful learning through customization and the power of active learning technology.
  • Leave with takeaways on how to incorporate digital textbooks to enhance learning, engagement and the value students see in their higher ed investment.

About the webinar

Students may welcome the cost savings of a digital textbook. But combined with active learning technology, the true value of these materials lie in the opportunity to make learning more relevant and more interactive. We’ll share how insights into today’s learners are shaping the way Top Hat designs and delivers content for institutions across North America. You’ll hear from peers about how digital textbooks powered by the Top Hat platform are changing the way they teach by making learning more engaging, in and out of the classroom. With time for Q&A, we’ll arm you with key considerations and best practices for adopting digital textbooks for your course.


Amanda Haage
Assistant Professor, University of North Dakota

As an Assistant Professor in the Biomedical Sciences Department at the University of North Dakota, Amanda teaches a combined Anatomy and Physiology course to some 350 students. Amanda is a passionate believer that science is for everyone and has undertaken several research projects on various aspects of STEM in higher education in an effort to increase diversity and inclusion.

Bríd Gleeson
Associate Professor, Rochester Institute of Technology

Bríd Gleeson is an Associate Professor of Economics at the Rochester Institute of Technology. She has taught Principles of Microeconomics, Econometrics, and Urban Economics for 17 years. Bríd has published in the areas of Environmental Economics, Computational Economics, and Public Economics.

Donna Battista
VP of Content, Top Hat

Donna is responsible for the strategic vision and establishing Top Hat as a leading provider of affordable and engaging courseware to the higher education market. Donna has 20 years of experience leading content and product development in higher education, including senior leadership positions at Pearson and Burning Glass.

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