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    Infographic: The Top Hat Courses and Titles That Made 2022 So Impactful

    Our inaugural Top Hat Graded spotlights faculty efforts to make their discipline more personal and meaningful

  2. Top Hat Acquires STEM Ed Tech Startup Aktiv Learning

    Aktiv Learning is Top Hat's fifth acquisition, and its first outside of publishing.

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    4 Top Hat Authors Win Big at the 2022 National Communication Association Conference

    These Communication scholars were recognized for their contributions to the discipline

  4. James Lang’s Distracted: Why Students Can’t Focus and What You Can Do About It

    Reducing distraction in the classroom starts with introducing variety, demonstrating empathy and thinking like a playwright and a poet

  5. Top Hat Hires Seasoned Technology Leader Timothy Tomlinson as Chief Technology Officer

    A transformational leader of product and technology teams, Tomlinson’s deep knowledge of the education technology landscape will be…

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    Boosting Joy and Motivation in Class: In Conversation with Dr. Todd Zakrajsek

    The author behind The New Science of Learning suggests tapping into three motivational theories to keep students interested and motivated

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    Stop Reviewing and Start Retrieving: Dr. Pooja Agarwal on Making Learning Stick

    The renowned cognitive scientist offers four retrieval practice activities to help students retain information more effectively

  8. 5 Ways to Advocate for Your Students During the Midterm Election

    Scholars online urge educators to adopt an empathetic and flexible mindset as the U.S. midterm election approaches

  9. Tech in Motion Announces Top Hat as 2022 Tech for Good Winner in Toronto Timmy Awards, Contender for North American Award

    The Best Tech for Good award recognizes organizations that are using disruptive technology to tackle today’s most pressing social issues.

  10. Top Hat Welcomes Nicole Taylor, Silicon Valley Community Foundation CEO and Former University Dean, to Its Board of Directors

    Nicole Taylor’s unique combination of higher education executive leadership and commitment to championing issues of social equity will be…

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    Relationships, Resilience and Reflection: In Conversation With José Antonio Bowen

    Tap into the ‘New 3 Rs’ in your course policies and assessments and watch student outcomes soar

  12. Top Hat Named One of Canada’s Top Growing Companies by the Globe and Mail for Second Year

    Top Hat, the leading dynamic courseware platform for higher education, is delighted to announce it has been named to the Globe and Mail’s…

  13. 5 Ways to Prioritize Educational Equity in Your Classroom

    Address equity issues in higher education through Universal Design for Learning, flexible and accommodating assignment deadlines and…

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    10 Top Hat Tips for a More Engaging Semester

    From brand new assessment functionality to annotated feedback, these special Top Hat features make learning even more exciting

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    3 Students Speak Their Minds on Mental Health

    Whether it’s promoting campus resources or making studying a collaborative process, here’s how you can keep student mental health top of…

  16. How to Manage Microaggressions in the Classroom

    Explore how your peers facilitate civil discourse and how to embrace micro-affirmations in your own course

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    6 Key Takeaways from Top Hat Summer Camp

    Top Hat Summer Camp 2022 was packed with dynamic discussions that engaged our attendees. Here are answers to the most common questions you…

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    8 Essential Active Learning Strategies for Your Next Class

    Engaging examples designed for in-person, hybrid or fully online courses

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    Why Student Feedback Might Not Be Sticking—And How to Fix It

    Two professors prove that personalized feedback leads to better engagement, connection and persistence in higher ed

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    Not ‘Just for Credit:’ Keeping Non-Majors Engaged In Your Course

    Students may enter your course from different programs. Here’s how to measure student engagement and drive value for every learner.