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    10 Must-Read Books During Summer 2023

    These ten titles released by empowering female academics will help you reflect on your teaching and gear up for an exciting term ahead

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    5 Faculty Who Redefined Teaching This Term

    Meet your Top Hat Educator Award recipients—who have made a remarkable difference in the lives of their students

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    3 Ways To Teach Students How To Study

    Teaching effective study methods is just as valuable as imparting your subject matter. One expert shares how to get started.

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    Why Scaffolding Is Essential in the Chemistry Classroom [+ Planner]

    This professor weighs in on how practice and feedback were proven to raise exam scores—and shares his blueprint for getting started

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    Dr. Barbara Oakley on Using Brain Science to Deepen Learning

    We pick the acclaimed author’s brain on how to help students stay attentive and alert

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    3 Reasons This Academic Year Was So Impactful for Your Students

    These student leaders shout out their faculty for making the year one to remember

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    Democratic Course Management: Giving Students More Control and Autonomy In Class

    Two educators let their students decide what and how to learn. It’s why course drop rates have drastically declined.

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    Why Do We Grade? In Conversation with Dr. Jesse Stommel

    The renowned higher ed leader shares how to give students greater say over their assessment experience all while deepening learning

  9. How to Avoid Professor Burnout

    It’s no secret: burnout is causing professors to leave academia in droves. According to Forbes, more than half a million teachers in the…

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    Reframing the Narrative on First-Year Student Success

    If we’re to help students develop a sense of belonging and agency, it’s time we reframe deficits as strengths, as Jeffrey Klausman…

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    ‘If You Can Teach It, You Know It’: The Power of Collaborative Learning

    Want a foolproof way to keep your students engaged? Help them learn from (not just with) their peers.

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    ‘Who’s Being Left Out?’ Dr. Viji Sathy and Dr. Kelly Hogan on Inclusive Teaching

    The award-winning educators offer essential ways to adapt your course design and class environment

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    Want to Boost Academic Integrity? Remove Your Exams (Seriously)

    High-stakes tests were leading to increased cheating and anxiety for this professor. Here are the changes he made.

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    Infographic: The Top Hat Courses and Titles That Made 2022 So Impactful

    Our inaugural Top Hat Graded spotlights faculty efforts to make their discipline more personal and meaningful

  15. Top Hat Acquires STEM Ed Tech Startup Aktiv Learning

    Aktiv Learning is Top Hat's fifth acquisition, and its first outside of publishing.

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    4 Top Hat Authors Win Big at the 2022 National Communication Association Conference

    These Communication scholars were recognized for their contributions to the discipline

  17. James Lang’s Distracted: Why Students Can’t Focus and What You Can Do About It

    Reducing distraction in the classroom starts with introducing variety, demonstrating empathy and thinking like a playwright and a poet

  18. Top Hat Hires Seasoned Technology Leader Timothy Tomlinson as Chief Technology Officer

    A transformational leader of product and technology teams, Tomlinson’s deep knowledge of the education technology landscape will be…

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    Boosting Joy and Motivation in Class: In Conversation with Dr. Todd Zakrajsek

    The author behind The New Science of Learning suggests tapping into three motivational theories to keep students interested and motivated

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    Stop Reviewing and Start Retrieving: Dr. Pooja Agarwal on Making Learning Stick

    The renowned cognitive scientist offers four retrieval practice activities to help students retain information more effectively