Top Hat makes a great standardized teaching platform for schools & institutions

Students and professors have enough on their plates. By using Top Hat school-wide, they can depend on a single, reliable system compatible with the devices they already own to participate in their class.

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What makes Top Hat Lecture so effective?

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Insight and analytics
Receive reports on student performance, see who’s most at risk of dropping out

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Seamless integration
We offer single sign-on and LMS export support to make integration painless

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Customer support
Our customers love our helpful account managers and support staff

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Student success
Interactive learning helps increase attendance & student participation

Student Outcomes

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Customize the lecture experience. Different subjects teach material differently. Customize your lecture to bring out the best in your teaching style, and your students.

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Interactive content helps prevent fatigue. Interactive content is a great companion to regular slides, and a proven method for helping students engage with important course content.

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Gauge understanding. Don’t wait for a quiz to see if students are getting it. Quickly ask them a question and gauge their understanding of the material immediatley.

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Let’s talk about security and data

  • ADA & FERPA Compliant – Top Hat adheres closely to the privacy standards and guidelines of ADA & FERPA.

  • Privacy & data integrity – Professor and student information and privacy rights are integrated in to our development process.

  • Account management & support – We provide institutions with their own account manager & director for fast and effective support.

Top Hat integrates with all major LMS’

Top Hat LMS integrations

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