Scaling OER

Top Hat’s unique content model allows institutions to scale open educational resources and achieve affordability goals

One destination for the best of OER

The Top Hat Marketplace is a centralized digital hub of interactive textbooks and other course content created by educators for educators

  • Interactive, digital textbooks available for nearly all large intro courses

  • Access to OER content from popular sources like OpenStax and Saylor

  • Makes it easy for faculty and library services to find quality OER materials

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Superior OER quality—powered by technology

Top Hat OER textbooks are interactive and fully customizable. Your faculty also have the option to participate in the Top Hat Marketplace’s unique cross-institutional community of educators who share feedback and collaborate real-time to keep content current, at a pace unmatched by traditional publishers.

  • No more flat PDFs that aren’t conducive to active learning. Content is highly interactive, with embedded questions, videos, interactive graphs and more

  • Faculty can customize Top Hat textbooks and easily add, delete and enhance with additional interactive elements or text

  • Content is always up-to-date—through Top Hat’s collaboration tools, adopters can provide feedback, and authors can choose to make revisions in real-time

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Authoring with Top Hat

If instructors don’t find what they’re looking for in the Top Hat Marketplace, they can easily create course content using Top Hat’s authoring tool

  • Your faculty can choose to create anything in Top Hat’s integrated platform, from a question pack to a full interactive textbook, and share it with their students

  • Instructors who choose to publish their work in the Top Hat Marketplace retain copyright

  • Faculty receive dedicated, hands-on instructional design and project management support from Top Hat for their textbook authoring projects

Top Hat makes OER implementation easy

We help you implement, scale and support faculty in switching to OER.

  • We help bring together your institutional stakeholders and align on a plan that matches your affordability goals

  • We can run sessions to help inform faculty about OER and how to get started

  • Our instructional design team provides dedicated support to each faculty member to ensure success

  • We collaborate with you to regularly review progress against your campus goals and ensure your stakeholders are delighted

Sara Eskridge
The interactive textbook is great for getting students to participate in class. They ask more questions, and they’re intrigued and delighted by interactive features.

Sara Eskridge

Randolph-Macon College

Sacramento university
ohio university
Indiana University