In alignment with our mission to make education more engaging, affordable, and equitable, we are committed to using AI responsibly and ethically—both in our products and our operations. We believe AI has the potential to dramatically enhance educators’ ability to leverage evidence-based practices and support students in their learning journey. AI also poses unique challenges and risks to our customers; if not used properly, AI can present fake or inaccurate information as facts, perpetuate societal biases, and result in intellectual property infringement. We will work in partnership with our community to ensure ethical and responsible AI-powered innovation.

The following principles guide our use of AI in our products and services:

      • Data privacy and security: we are committed to protecting the privacy and security of our users’ personal information. We do not share our users’ personal information with third parties, including generative-AI platforms, without consent, and we comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding privacy and data protection. You can find more details on our security and privacy policy pages.
      • Transparency and accountability: we are transparent about the use of AI in our products and services. We provide clear explanations of how AI is used in our product, including in-product indication when AI will be used. We are accountable for the quality and accuracy of our AI systems. We leverage an iterative product development process, staged testing and general release, and ongoing monitoring and evaluation to ensure quality, performance, and positive impact.
      • Bias and equity: we actively work to identify and mitigate biases in our AI development and deployment. We endeavor to ensure that our AI systems are equitable, inclusive, and do not discriminate against any individuals or groups.
      • Human-AI collaboration: we recognize the limitations of AI and the value of human judgment. We design our AI systems to augment human decision-making, not replace it. We encourage educators and students to use their critical thinking skills when interacting with AI, and to seek feedback from multiple sources, including third-party subject matter experts.
      • Cross-functional collaboration: our Product and Engineering teams work closely with our Legal and compliance teams to ensure that our AI-powered products not only comply with applicable law, but are also ethical and reflect Top Hat’s values of empowering students and educators.
      • Training and education: we provide training and education for our employees, educators, and students on how to use and understand AI responsibly and effectively.

As we move forward with AI-powered innovation, we will incorporate these guiding principles into our employee training, align our practices to the NIST AI Risk Management Framework, and monitor the evolving regulatory environment to ensure compliance.

We welcome feedback from our customers and partners on how we can improve our AI policy and practice. Please contact us at if you have any questions or suggestions. Thank you for choosing Top Hat as your partner in transforming student engagement.