Classroom engagement features

Polling and Questions

Presentation tool

Never leave the comfort of your lectures slides to ask a question or get feedback.

Excellent for: Professors that love Powerpoint or Keynote

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Multiple choice

Choose the correct answer from a list of potentials. You can even have multiple correct answers and ensure your students choose all the best answers.

Excellent for: Biology, social sciences, physics

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Click on target

Test your students’ spatial reasoning by asking them to identify parts of an image. You can set a tolerance for how far off their clicks can be, and limit the number of times they can click.

Excellent for: Anatomy questions, geography questions, where’s waldo

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Numeric answer

Break out your calculators because these questions require a high degree of accuracy. Numeric answer questions let you set integer or decimal value answers and give you a tolerance option when a range is acceptable.

Excellent for: Math, physics, chemistry or engineering questions

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Word answer

Increase interaction by getting students to type in an answer, rather than selecting from a list. You can make the answer case sensitive and visualize the data you receive using an intuitive word cloud.

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Challenge your students with questions that require them to re-arrange similar yet different answers into the correct order.

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Test your students’ ability to match two related groups of information. Matching questions engage students’ ability to visually sort through information and make connections.

Excellent for: History, geography, math, logic

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Are you understanding this? Activate a feedback module to quickly measure how engaged your students are in-class.

Excellent for: Large classrooms

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No Smartphone? No Problem! Students can also text their answers.


Automate participation grades

Never worry about tracking participation grades again. Participation and correctness grades are automatically stored in the gradebook for review.

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Export to excel

While the web based gradebook gives you many ways to view your data, sometimes you will need to do more. Export the gradebook to excel with a few clicks of your mouse.

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Student view

Let your students see their grades in real-time. Your transparency will be appreciated by your students and will motivate them to do their best.

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Drill down

Drill down into individual questions or course content to see exactly how students performed. You can also drill down by student to see a snapshot of their grades at a glance.

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Up-vote the best

Students vote on the best responses or ones they agree with. Responses with the most votes bubble up to the top of the list.

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Grade responses

Created a graded discussion and award correctness grades for student responses.

Excellent for: Short answer questions

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Add attachments

Make a quick sketch or upload an image and attach it to your discussion to stimulate conversation.

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Get honest answers

Solicit unbiased feedback by creating an anonymous discussion topic. Anonymity allows your students to express themselves more honestly.

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Real Time Reporting

Get live responses

Get live responses seconds after soliciting feedback. Share these responses with the class to spur interactive learning.

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Track class sessions

Group student responses into sessions to keep track of when your question was asked.

Excellent for: Teaching multiple sections of the same course

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Context aware reporting types

Use bar graphs, heatmaps, word clouds and many other reporting types to visualize your response data.

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Compare everything

See how different sections performed, or compare responses for different questions. Track how your class is improving over time.

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Gamify your classroom

Pin your students head to head in a fun, interactive game based on your course questions. Students compete on time and correctness to make it to the top of the leader board.

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Choose your questions

Create different tournaments for different lectures or course sections.

Perfect for: Turning labs or required readings into a fun game

Choose your questions

Practice makes perfect

Create practice sessions that students can complete at home in preparation for the tournament. This also serves as an excellent study aid.

Perfect for: Using tournaments as study aids or practice tests.

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See your rankings

The better students do, the higher up the leader board they climb. This is a fun way to foster learning through healthy competition.

Perfect for: Fostering some fun competition

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Interactive Demos

Demos are fun

Launch a demo that teaches through interaction and animation. You can launch a demo in-class or let students go through them at their own pace at home.

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Graded demos

Test your students as they progress through a demo. Marks are tracked in the gradebook.

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Choose from our library

With demos in biology, chemistry, computer science, social science and more, we likely have a demo that’s right for you and your students.

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We can build it

Tell us about a topic that you think would be more effective as an interactive demo and we will build it for you.

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