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Continue the classroom discussion with highly engaging, interactive homework, activities and quizzes that get to the heart of misconceptions and gaps in understanding. To get started, book your personalized product tour with one of our specialists today. 

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Use Top Hat to Create Engaging, Interactive Homework

See how you can use Top Hat to test your students' comprehension and track their progress


Create your own assessment materials, or import pre-existing and easily customizable materials from Top Hat’s Marketplace.

  • Customize assignments based on feedback from in-class discussion
  • Add interactive elements that help ground abstract concepts in an immersive, hands-on experience
  • Create quizzes with flexible and automatic grading options
  • Track progress in and out of the classroom using the Top Hat Gradebook
“I’m all about breaking down the walls of instruction and focusing on student-led experiences as a way for them to gain knowledge“

— Chris Bone

University of Oregon