Classroom Response System

Top Hat’s classroom response system (CRS) for higher education makes it simple to manage lecture materials, administer tests and quizzes and keep on top of student performance.

A classroom response system built for educators like yourself

Built with ease-of-use, convenience and intuitiveness in mind, the Top Hat classroom response system is a simple and effective way to keep track of everything from student attendance in class to real-time performance, as well as administer tests, quizzes and formative assessment. It promotes a more active learning environment where students feel comfortable participating and can gauge their learning throughout the year.

Easily aid your teaching activities

This classroom response system does not require any additional hardware or software. Students can use the device they already have with them, like an iPhone or Android smartphone, tablet, laptop, or Chromebook. Download the app, log in to the portal using a unique username and password, and enter the unique code to confirm attendance. Students can then use the app to follow along with lectures, submit answers to tests and quizzes and participate in class time. For convenience, the classroom response system also integrates with popular learning management systems, including Moodle, Blackboard and Desire2Learn.

Pose questions, students give answers

Use the classroom response system to administer tests, polls, quizzes, surveys and even exams during class. Students click in with their answers, which are automatically tabulated to provide instant results that can be displayed in class or accessed through the Top Hat Gradebook. Our marketplace can aid with devising short tests with things like multiple choice or word answers, making test creation simple and easy. There are also options for click-on-target questions, as well as word clouds, graphing questions for math and even videos. You can get as creative and detailed as you like, or offer simple and quick polls to get a class going, or to determine how to move it forward.

Promote student attention, engagement and participation

Foster student engagement, participation and an active learning environment. The classroom response system keeps students engaged and their attention focused. All students are encouraged to participate and are comfortable doing so since the results are anonymous. The results can be used to spark debates about controversial issues or ones with polarizing viewpoints, through the use of methods like think-pair-share. Or use the results as a warm-up for a deeper dive discussion on a topic.

Instant and automatic grading, results displayed in class

Once students have entered their responses, the data is analyzed and instantly graded. You can then display the results in class so students can get an idea of where they stand in relation to their peers. Use the data to tweak the direction of the lecture, hone in on areas where there are common misconceptions, or forge ahead with new concepts. The results can also help foster discussions and debates among students. Grades can also be uploaded to the Top Hat gradebook, where students can access the data at any time, giving them more accountability and accessibility to their own learning and progress.

Gauge how students are understanding material in real-time, adjust teaching on the fly

Tests and questions used for summative assessments can provide the educator with a better look at how students are comprehending the material in real-time, versus waiting until the end of the semester or for midterms. That data can help an educator adjust his or her approach to ensure accurate and effective learning among students, so they’re ready come time for formative assessment. Perhaps students are having a difficult time grasping a specific concept, warranting spending more time on it. And conversely, they might have a good handle on a concept, giving you the confidence to move forward to the next part of the curriculum.

Use the classroom response system for attendance

In addition to using the classroom response system for tests, polls and other questions, it can also be used for attendance purposes. Using a combination of GPS and Bluetooth technology, the system can verify a student’s location to ensure that s/he’s actually physically in class, and not just pretending to be. Students have to log in using a unique code from their own personal devices, and the code is given out at the beginning of each class. For those with approved and excused absences, there’s additional functionality to allow for that. Educators can be confident in student attendance and assign grading to attendance to further encourage active participation.

Students follow your slides on their own devices

In addition to presenting slides to the entire class, the slides are synced to students’ devices so they can follow along in real-time, unable to skip ahead. After class, slides can be made available as review material so students can brush up on the concepts and be fully prepared for the next lecture and/or quiz or test. They can study on their own time as well, and have the information available, at their fingertips, at any time. You can also assign homework through the system, including not only slides, but also digital learning activities, like offline assignments that work in tandem with the in-class material. This allows for more interaction in class, and the building of a deeper connection with students

Manage all lecture materials and questions in one place

Educators can streamline the lecture prep process by being able to manage all of their course materials in one place. This includes detailed instructional content, interactive slides, quizzes and polls, including multiple-choice, word answer, numeric answer, fill-in-the-blank and more. They can keep track of assignments, and customize the system to their liking, and specific course topics. As noted, the Top Hat Marketplace also provides assistance with the creation of quizzes and polls, containing thousands of pieces of dynamic content from which to choose, including pre-populated questions on various fields of a student.

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What are Classroom Response Systems (CRS)?

A classroom response system, or CRS, is hardware and/or software that aids in teaching activities. They can be small, battery-powered handheld devices with multiple buttons that connect to a receiver or, in the case of Top Hat, a mobile device, like a smartphone, tablet, or laptop and an app.

What can you use a classroom response system for?

A classroom response system can be used for administering tests, quizzes, polls, surveys and other questions to which students can tap a button to submit their answer. Results are tabulated instantly and analyzed to provide graphs, bar charts, or other materials that can be presented in class.

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