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Classroom assessment that engages your students

In the past few years, there’s been a spike in technological learning strategies in higher education. Online learning, blended learning, elearning, MOOCs, distance learning, online courses and online teaching have become increasingly popular. As instructors move towards newer classroom assessment techniques, the need for a reliable technology platform becomes more important.

That’s where Top Hat comes in. Our classroom assessment software uses smartphones, laptops, and tablets to facilitate engagement, allowing any educator to create a dynamic classroom environment than can rapidly track student achievement in both types of assessment techniques, formative and summative.

Formative assessment creation made easy

Gauge student comprehension and understanding on the fly. With Top Hat, you can embed interactive polling questions between your slides to create one seamless presentation aligned to your lecture plan. And the interactive component encourages engagement and collaboration between classmates. You can share student responses and correct answers to questions posed in class using visual graphs, word clouds and heat maps. This means that in mid-lecture, you can analyze auto-graded results and judge your students’ strengths and weaknesses against your rubric—so you can immediately review any difficult concepts, or skip past any subjects of which your students are already demonstrating mastery.

High-stakes testing in a secure environment

For summative assessment and final exams, Top Hat allows you to assess your students in a secure browser that automatically detects cheating. Students can only access the test by inputting a unique code that the instructor auto-generates and shares in class. Accountability is key: proprietary algorithms identify when students are cheating and lock them out of the test automatically, and it’s up to the instructor to decide whether they can be let back in based on browser activity. Top Hat is compatible with any student device with no need for any separate downloads.

Build and customize an assessment in minutes

Pressed for time? Instructors can import free, pre-made interactive tests from the Top Hat Marketplace, a virtual toolkit and library that houses thousands of pieces of educational content. Import multiple interactive question types, use existing questions from your Top Hat course or import free packs to make test creation quick. To make it easy, we offer industry-leading instructional design and curriculum design support from our team of experts, so educators are set up for successful evaluation of student learning, right from day one.

Reporting made easy with auto-grading

For both formative and summative assessment, Top Hat’s classroom assessment software allows you to automatically track student performance and assign grading weight to attendance and participation, all uploaded directly into the Top Hat gradebook. All responses to each assignment, and corresponding participation grades, are captured virtually in the Top Hat gradebook for students to access any time. You can export grades easily to your LMS. And you can analyze auto-graded results to gauge comprehension and identify concepts to review or reinforce in your next lecture.

Engage your students every step of the way

Interactive teaching and learning come together in a synchronous experience when you use Top Hat’s classroom assessment software. Instructors can sync their lecture slides with students’ devices, allowing them to follow along in real-time. Students are unable to move ahead of the instructor, so their attention remains focused on what’s being presented.

Motivate students to participate in an active learning environment

Top Hat allows professors to run real-time discussions, embedded within the flow of a lecture. Students can choose to participate anonymously, ensuring that everyone feels comfortable sharing their thoughts, even when the subject matter is sensitive. Instructors can also use Top Hat to encourage students to collaborate and interact with each other, either one-on-one or through group work.

Track attendance easily

Top Hat allows instructors to automatically verify whether a student is physically present in class. You can easily take attendance by prompting students to sign in on their devices using a unique code—and you can auto-assign grades for attendance. Top Hat uses proprietary market-leading technology to verify the physical location of students, ensuring that only those students attending get counted. Also built in are excused absence options for flexibility.

With Top Hat, students keep learning after class is finished

A truly beneficial learning environment doesn’t start and end in the space of your lecture window. Once your lecture is complete, Top Hat allows you to assign slides in review mode, meaning each learner can download and study on their own time. Plus, you can add digital learning activities like quizzes to offline assignments, instruction and coursework to keep the learning process alive.

Streamline your lecture prep

One of the benefits of using our classroom tools is a more streamlined lecture prep experience. Top Hat allows you to populate your lecture slides with a range of interactive and flexible question types. We offer basic question types, including multiple choice, word answer, numeric answer, fill-in-the-blank and more. We also have numerous advanced question types available, including graphing tools for math and molecule builders for chemistry.

There’s no need to worry about switching over from a different learning management system or other digital classroom software, either. Our staff are skilled in instructional design and will set you and your course up for success from day one.

Top Hat removes the need for extra hardware

Top Hat syncs directly with the devices college and university students already own and use on a daily basis. There’s no need for them to purchase additional hardware. Simply download our app and away you go. We offer integrations with popular learning management systems, including Moodle, Blackboard and Desire2Learn.

Our web-based learning platform is proven to increase student engagement and improve the learning experience in classrooms. We’re used by over 750 of the top 1000 colleges and universities across North America. See why educators and administrators trust us — sign up for a personalized walk-through today.

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How can assessment be used in the classroom?

Top Hat’s analytics and formative and summative assessment tools allow professors to accurately gauge student comprehension before, during and after class.

Is Top Hat free to use?

Top Hat is always free for educators. Post-secondary students can create a free account with Top Hat Basic, minimizing educational barriers. Top Hat Pro is available for $30 per student, per semester. Comparatively, each student pays $48 for Top Hat Pro for a one-year subscription. Students only pay once per semester, no matter how many Top Hat courses they are enrolled in. Add-on interactive textbooks are available for an average of $35 per book. Unlimited remote proctored exams are available for $10 per course.

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