Top Hat Assignment

Easily create, personalize and assign homework with auto-grade capabilities

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Build homework assignments on the fly

Create and customize online homework delivered directly to students’ devices

  • Use Top Hat’s multiple interactive question types to ground abstract course concepts

  • Add interactive elements such as videos, images and website links

  • Import free question packs from the Top Hat Marketplace that you can quickly customize to suit the needs of your course

  • Bring your pre-existing homework materials straight into Top Hat

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Personalize your students’ learning

Provide additional support to students by custom-assigning and personalizing homework with hints and feedback

  • Assign homework questions to individuals or groups of students based on your own criteria

  • Provide instant feedback using comments to deepen understanding of core course concepts

  • Add timed responses, limit the number of incorrect responses or choose to show correct answers

Track student progress

Monitor student performance all in one place

  • Flexible options for auto-grading and uploading to your gradebook

  • Provide students low-stakes learning options by assigning ungraded homework

  • Use the Top Hat gradebook to track student progress on all assessments, and export directly to your LMS

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Top Hat Assignment is part of an end-to-end teaching platform

  • Using the Top Hat platform makes for painless integration of quizzes, activities and tests

  • Easily track how students are progressing through the course material in one snapshot

  • Integrates with popular LMS

  • Industry-leading support for instructors and students

Teaching the same old way wasn’t good enough for me. I knew there had to be a better method to engage my students

Sue-L Cohen

East Carolina University

The ability to have real-time data, interactivity and assessment with students has allowed us to rethink our curriculum

Amy Lobben

University of Oregon

Sacramento university
ohio university
Indiana University

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