The Top Hat story

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  • Drop it like it's hot

    The company formerly known as Top Hat Monocle drops the Monocle and becomes Top Hat.

    Drop the monocle
  • Top Hat and Pearson

    Top Hat announces a partnership with Pearson, the worlds leading learning company.

  • Capture that

    Top Hat announces a partnership with Panopto, a leading lecture capture platform.

  • Hello Windy City

    The Top Hat opens its Chicago office.



  • Toronto gets a chef!

    Head office hires Todd to keep the Toronto office full. Not only can he cook but he is an opera singer.

    Chef Todd
  • Still growing

    In September, 100,000 students are using Top Hat at over 180 universities.

    Still Growing
  • Campus wide in Tennessee

    In January, Top Hat sees its first campus-wide adoption at Tennessee Tech.

    Tennessee Tech Adopts Top Hat
  • Avenge me!

    Marvel's The Avengers shatters box office records pulling in over 200 Million in its opening weekend.

    Top Hat Avengeres
  • Series A raised

    Top Hat raises its first VC Round. Investors include Emergence Capital Partners, iNovia Capital, SoftTech VC, Version One Ventures and Golden Venture Partners.

    Emergence Capital Partners
  • Yonge and Carlton

    The Top Hat team moves to their current office in Toronto and opens a satellite office in San Francisco.

    Toronto Yonge and Carlton


  • They grow up so fast

    Top Hat has 22,000 active students at 30-40 Universities.

  • The royal wedding

    The world holds its breath as the soon to be Queen of England's sister steals the show.

    The Royal Wedding
  • The angels descend

    Top Hat Monocle graduates from The Accelerator Center and raises a round of Angel funding. They move to their very own office in Waterloo.

  • Calgary is calling

    Top Hat lands its first department-wide adoption at the University of Calgary

    University of Calgary
  • USA! USA!

    Top Hat enters its first school in the US at the University of Buffalo.

    Top Hat USA


  • It's alive!

    In September, Top Hat Monocle launches. 5 Universities, 15 Professors, and 3,500 students are using the system in their classes.

    It's Alive
  • Demos and text messages

    After receiving a grant from the University of Waterloo, Mike and Mohsen take some time off from school to pursue their dream. They join The Accelerator Centre and focus on building out a library of interactive demonstrations and adding SMS texting capabilities.

    The Accelerator Centre
  • Top Hat Monocle gets its first two pilots at the University of Waterloo.

    University of Waterloo
  • Apple unveils the iPad

    Steve Jobs casually sits down on a couch and shows the world the device they don't even know they already want.

  • Disaster strikes!

    Mike totals his car on his way to a very, very important meeting. Luckily he had a CAA membership.


  • Barack Obama becomes president

    Barack Obama is inaugurated as the 44th, and first African American, President of the United States.

  • Mike and Mohsen meet

    Inspired by the number of laptops in-class, they build software that allows students to view and manipulate interactive demonstrations on their browsers. They snag the Top Hat Monocle domain.

    Mike and Mohsen Meet