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Securely administer tests and quizzes in a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) environment, using Top Hat’s proprietary lock-out capabilities

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Secure from beginning to end

Move your tests into a secure browser that automatically detects cheating. Say goodbye to paper, pencil and scantrons

  • Students can only access the test by inputting a unique code that the instructor auto-generates and shares in class

  • Proprietary algorithms identify when students are cheating and lock them out of the test automatically

  • Flexible exam settings allow you to determine the bar for acceptable browser behavior. Use Top Hat Test's proctor report to lock out students suspected of cheating

  • Top Hat Test is compatible with any student device—smartphones, tablets or laptops

  • No need for any software downloads or separate applications

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Instantly grade and analyze student performance

  • Auto-grade exams upon submission, and immediately notify students of their performance

  • Grades are uploaded to the Top Hat gradebook and can be exported directly to your LMS

  • Review results to gauge comprehension and identify students in need of additional support

Build tests in minutes

Easily create and customize online tests that suit the needs of your course

  • Create your own tests using multiple interactive question types

  • Use existing questions from your Top Hat course or an adopted textbook from the Top Hat Marketplace

  • Import free question packs from the Top Hat Marketplace to make test creation quick

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Top Hat Test is part of an end-to-end teaching platform

  • Using the Top Hat platform makes for painless integration of quizzes, activities and tests

  • Easily track how students are progressing through the course material

  • Integrates with popular LMS

  • Industry-leading support for instructors and students

My students already have their phones in their hands, they are probably looking at them in class, so why not turn that into something useful?

Lorna Profant

California State University

Sacramento university
ohio university
Indiana University

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