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Engage Your Students

Top Hat Lecture is kind of like a classroom response system…only way better. Ask questions, take attendance, annotate slides, and more, all from the convenience of any personal device.

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What makes Top Hat Lecture so effective?

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Enhance any slideshow by peppering interactive content throughout

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Interactive learning can have great impact on student comprehension

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Grade and assess how students are progressing with your materials

Top Hat gets butts in seats and hands in the air

Top Hat Lecture helps over 2,000,000 students come to class. Better yet, it encourages and helps student participation.

  • Poll students & ask questions

  • Track attendance

  • Hold discussions (anonymous, or not)

  • Capture student responses in real-time

Student Outcomes

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Customize the lecture experience. Different subjects teach material differently. Customize your lecture to bring out the best in your teaching style, and your students.

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Interactive content helps prevent fatigue. Interactive content is a great companion to regular slides, and a proven method for helping students engage with important course content.

Students using Top Hat questions

Gauge understanding. Don’t wait for a quiz to see if students are getting it. Quickly ask them a question and gauge their understanding of the material immediately.

Ask questions in 6 different ways

Top Hat provides 6 unique types of question to use. This helps a different subjects make the most out of students’ devices

  • Multiple choice question

  • Word answer

  • Numeric answer

  • Matching (match sets of different topics)

  • Sorting and rank question

  • Click-on-target area (image based)

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Discussions to get the class talking about the material

It’s hard to have discussions in larger classes, so we’ve made it easier. Open discussion topics to the class and see their answers.

  • Name or anonymous discussions

  • Students can vote on comments they like

  • Filter by popularity, and latest

  • Assign grading (optional)

View of Top Hat Questions

Take attendance and see who’s showing up

Our attendance codes are randomly generated and only available on the projector so students not in class can’t see it.

  • Secret attendance code only visible to those in class

  • SMS support for students without smart phone access

  • See a history record of attendance in your gradebook at any time

View of attendance

Upload your slideshows, add annotations and questions

Upload your slides to Top Hat and add annotations to help explain topics. You can even place interactive questions between slides for a seamless presentation.

  • Add annotations (in many colors)

  • Make slides available to students in review

  • Add interactive questions right between your slides for a seamless presentation

View of Top Hat annotation

Visualize student responses

Each question type has its own unique visual graphs and reports. These are great for stoking discussion and noticing trends in student comprehension.

  • Reports and graphs update in real-time as students respond to your content

  • Optionally show the correct answer to help students learn concepts

  • Each question type has its own special report designed just for it. For example Word Answer questions can show responses in an artistic word cloud

View of multiple choice question

Easy Export

We know professors need access to their data — that’s why we made it easy for you to export your data from Top Hat to excel or CSV format.

  • Export your courses to CSV or Excel

  • Great for getting your data in your LMS! (We also offer direct LMS integration for schools standardized with Top Hat)

  • We offer a fully-featured gradebook for making changes quickly without the need to export, too!

View of Top Hat Gradebook

Engage your class today

Let us walk you through a 20 minute online tutorial on how you can adopt Top Hat in your classes.

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