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A Modern Way for Professors to Help Students Study

InteractiveTexts are pre-made content that offer a variety of media like text, videos, and interactive elements that help students study. Professors can fully edit the content to adapt it for their own courses.

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What is an InteractiveText?

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InteractiveTexts are reading materials professors can use to help students learn

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They’re chock-full of great content including chapters, videos and questions

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Fully customizable so you can adapt the content to the flow of your lectures

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Grading and other features help to engage students with the materials

With InteractiveText professors have full control over the content

All InteractiveTexts can be edited, rewritten and adapted to give every professor control over their course content. The future of educational content.

  • Interactive questions help students self-assess how well they understand the concepts

  • Better grades, more in-class engagement, and a fraction of the cost of traditional textbooks

  • Assign chapters, and see who has done the work

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Real student feedback!

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Edit, add, delete, rewrite, or re-arrange

Customize any of the content you adopt so that it can fit perfectly with the way you want to build your course.

  • The content you adopt is yours to use how you would like so you have the power to customize to your heart’s content or keep the out-of-the-box version

  • Add additional interactive elements including videos, discussions, and six different types of questions

  • Supplement with your existing content by uploading your content with a click of a button

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Bring your course content to life

We bring content to life using videos, interactive timelines, 3D simulations, and more.

  • Digital content should not mean a flat PDF. We integrate interactivity throughout every chapter to keep your students engaged

  • Students read and interact with the material through videos, embedded questions, simulations, and widgets

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Track your students’ engagement

Students answer questions within the text to test their comprehension of the readings in real time.

  • Questions can be graded based on participation, correctness, or both. Assigning a grade to the readings ensures students come to class prepared

  • Use the comprehension data to identify where your students are struggling so that you can make that a focus for the class

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InteractiveTexts are created by a community of talented authors and contributors

Picture of Steve Forsey Picture of Wade Anthony Cornelius Picture of Volker Janssen Picture of Windolyn Kay Yarberry Picture of Tsun-Mei Chan Picture of Susan Bailey Picture of Steve Hayward Picture of Sarah Eskridge Picture of Steve Forsey Picture of Rob Phillips Picture of Sherif Moussa Picture of Michael Frawley Picture of Morgan Ginther Picture of Paul Cooper Picture of Megan Neely Picture of Luke Green

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The Content Marketplace makes finding great interactive and engaging content simple and easy. Better yet, brand new content is being added all the time!