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Top Hat 101: The History of Top Hat


Interactive Content Explosion

A series of interactive content becomes available through Top Hat including General Chemistry, and US History.


Organic Chemistry: Interactive Textbook

Students begin using Top Hat’s interactive Organic Chemistry Textbook a project that was led by one of Top Hat’s first users.

New Diggs!

Top Hat moves into fancy new office space complete with whiteboard walls, and a fishbowl.


Growing, growing, grown

Top Hat has been used across 500 universities and about half a million students.

Series B financing raised

Top Hat raises its second VC round. Investors include Emergence Capital, iNovia, and Georgian Partners.


Houston, we have lift off

In 2013 Top Hat is used across nearly 350 universities by over 250,000 students.

Campus wide in Calgary

Top Hat sees a growing number of campus wide adoptions, including the University of Calgary.

Drop it like it’s hot

The company formerly known as Top Hat Monocle drops the Monocle and becomes Top Hat.

Hello windy city

Top Hat opens its Chicago office.


Still growing!

In September, 100,000 students are using Top Hat at over 180 universities.

Series A raised

Top Hat raises its first VC Round. Investors include Emergence Capital Partners, iNovia Capital, SoftTech VC, Version One Ventures and Golden Venture Partners.

Yonge and Carlton

The Top Hat team moves to their current office in Toronto and opens a satellite office in San Francisco.


They grow up so fast

Top Hat has 22,000 active students at about 35 universities.

Calgary is calling

Top Hat lands its first department wide adoption at the University of Calgary.


Top Hat enters its first school in the US at the University of Buffalo.

The angels descend

Top Hat Monocle graduates from The Accelerator Center and raises a round of Angel funding. They move to their very own office in Waterloo.


It’s alive!

In September, Top Hat Monocle launches. 5 Universities, 15 Professors, and 3,500 students are using the system in their classes.

Demos and text messages

After receiving a grant from the University of Waterloo, Mike and Mohsen take some time off from school to pursue their dream. They join The Accelerator Centre and focus on building out a library of interactive demonstrations and adding SMS texting capabilities.


Top Hat Monocle gets its first two pilots at the University of Waterloo.


Mike and Mohsen meet

Inspired by the number of laptops in class, they build software that allows students to view and manipulate interactive demonstrations on their browsers. They snag the Top Hat Monocle domain.

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