As we previously announced, Top Hat will head to Chicago in October to host Engage 2017: The Conference for Higher Education Innovators. Set over 2 days in October, the event will help you build your network and trade tips with some of the sharpest minds in the higher-ed space today. 

Building Your Personal Brand with Tech Skills

Time: 10:00 AM—10:45 AM


Sara Eskridge (Randolph-Macon College, History)

Shaun Dakin (George Mason University, Marketing)


In today’s competitive academic job market, permanent gigs are few and far between. To build your profile, it pays to earn a reputation as an educator who embraces technological solutions to age-old teaching challenges. Get tips from educators who’ve harnessed student engagement systems, digital education content and social media to reinvent the classroom—and stand out from the pack. This session will show you how to make the leap from adjunct to tenured.

The Pros and Cons of Open Educational Resources

Time: 1:00 PM—1:45 PM


Colleen Knight (Coastal College of Georgia, Chemistry)

David Harris (Editor-in-Chief, OpenStax, Rice University)

Additional speakers TBA shortly


Many institutions are looking to Open Educational Resources (OER) as a cost-saving solution to increasingly expensive textbooks and educational content. So far, professors have been slow to embrace OER, questioning its quality and provenance. In this session, educators who’ve both authored and adopted OER discuss the pros and cons, and why they’ve ultimately embraced OER as the future of teaching and academic community-building.

Are you a higher education professional interested in advancing your teaching skills? Early bird tickets to Engage 2017 are going quickly and are only available until Sept 1st. Secure your spot today!

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