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One platform, one less thing to manage

Move past patchwork solutions. Take attendance, present slides, live stream and record presentations, host discussions, give homework, assign interactive readings and run tests—and do it all in one place. (Phew!)

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Crank engagement up to 11

Forget talking into the void. Make learning active with live discussions, polls and quizzes students can respond to on any device.

With videos, GIFs and 3D images that can easily be added to your course materials, you’ll always have plenty of tricks up your sleeve.

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More community, better learning

Satisfy the craving for human connection with an interactive chat that works inside the classroom and out.

Keep students collaborating after class via chat or video conference and host virtual office hours whenever, wherever.

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Digital Textbooks

Textbooks students actually want to read

Choose from thousands of affordable, high-quality interactive textbooks you can customize to suit your needs.

Or create your own course materials and bring them to life with videos, simulations, interactive homework questions and more.

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Assess your class early and often

Let instant feedback from polls, quizzes and assignments guide your teaching. Save time with question packs and auto-grading, and run secure in-class tests or remote proctored exams.

Plus, get insights to support class and individual progress. With the Weekly Course Report, reaching out to struggling students is only a click away.

Assess Your Students
Learning Insights

Get a lock on student success

Every interaction—attendance, participation, assignments, tests—is automatically captured in the Top Hat Gradebook.

Get a view of each student's performance. Easily understand who's succeeding and who needs extra support.

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Connect to your LMS

LMS friendly? You bet!

We’re not an LMS, but we’re the perfect pairing for yours. Engage your students with Top Hat and view grades, attendance and participation data in real time in the Gradebook. Easily export to your LMS for the final tally.

Virtual Classroom Streaming

Present slides, stream your video and offer an engaging live chat, all in one place

Polls & Quizzes

Use 15 different question types, like multiple choice, click-on-target and short answer

Tests & Exams

Securely administer in-class or remote quizzes, tests and exams on student devices

Lecture Recordings

Record class meetings complete with discussions and participation

Live Chat & Discussions

Let students ask questions, chat with each other and respond to your lecture with questions and emojis

Interactive Textbooks

Adopt or create a customizable interactive textbook that tracks student comprehension


Get students to sign into class using any device—in person or remotely


Create auto-graded assignments tailored to your course

LMS Export

Performance, attendance and participation data are all easily exported to your LMS

Hands-on support

Make Learning Better with the Best Support in the Business

We meet you where you are with one-on-one training, reliable technical support and instructional design experts to help you deliver your perfect course.

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