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Top Hat Textbook

Adopt and customize affordable, interactive textbooks and course materials from Top Hat, or create new educational content using a unique authoring tool

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A better textbook experience

Teach with high-quality textbooks and course materials that feature dynamic content and are fully customizable to your course

  • A dynamic and interactive experience that's more engaging and fun

  • Interspersed with questions, animations and videos that improve student learning and retention

  • Fully customizable to suit your course needs

  • Always up-to-date; no new editions to purchase

  • Textbooks are constantly improving with new revisions from a community of collaborators

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Created by and for educators like you

Choose from thousands of textbooks and course materials in the Top Hat Marketplace, and collaborate in a unique community of educators

  • Over 20,000 open educational resources available, from interactive textbooks to question packs

  • Interactive textbooks available across most large intro courses

  • 90% of Top Hat Marketplace content is free for you and your students to use

  • Access educational content from popular OER sources like OpenStax and Saylor

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Create your own textbook

Not finding what you need? Use Top Hat Textbook to create and share your own interactive educational content

  • Flexible authoring tool allows you to easily create engaging textbooks and course materials

  • Authors retain copyright to the work they create

  • Earn royalties for premium content you share in the Top Hat Marketplace

  • Share question packs and supplementary materials with other educators

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Save students money

Course content created with Top Hat Textbook is low-cost or free, helping you make education more affordable for students

  • 90% of Top Hat Marketplace content is free for you and your students to use

  • The rest is available at a fraction of publisher prices

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Top Hat Textbook is part of an end-to-end teaching platform

  • Using the Top Hat platform makes for painless integration of quizzes, activities and tests

  • Easily track how students are progressing through the course material

  • Integrates with popular LMS

  • Industry-leading support for instructors and students

I created my Top Hat digital textbook to complement how I teach. It includes videos to reinforce material and Top Hat questions to check for understanding. It’s now an integral part of my class.

Matt Numer

Dalhousie University

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