Guide: Working with CTLs—A Handbook for Professors

Essential tips and resources for:

  • Professors and instructors
  • Post-secondary administrators
  • Educators struggling to connect with Generation Z

Not long ago, the improvement of teaching strategies and the study of how students learn were considered an afterthought at many institutions of higher learning. But as we learn more about how students absorb and retain knowledge, centers for teaching and learning (CTLs) have sprung up at just about every university and college in North America. CTLs have become a valuable resource for professors trying to make their mark in the classroom.

In this handbook, freelance journalist and college instructor Matt O’Grady discusses the ways in which CTLs can help professors (testing technologies and providing access to cutting-edge pedagogical research are just two), and how doing so can lead to improved learning outcomes for students.

You’ll learn how:

  • CTLs have evolved to become a key component of modern universities
  • CTLs save professors time by sharing previously vetted pedagogical resources
  • Ways in which professors can work with CTLs to improve learning outcomes on campus

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