1. The Best Classroom Activities for College Courses

    Create connections in your classroom. Download our list of 45+ classroom activities.

  2. 45+ Team-Building Activities for College Courses

    Create connections in your classroom. Download our free list of 45+ team-building activities.

  3. The 2021 Online Teaching Toolkit

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  5. The Ultimate Guide to Creating Community in the Virtual Classroom

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    Adrift in a Pandemic: Survey of 3,089 Students Finds Uncertainty About Returning to College

    The sudden transition to remote teaching in the past few months due to the COVID-19 crisis pushed educators to piece together solutions to deliver their courses online. In many cases, the result was a disjointed experience that required professors to navigate various tech tools and platforms to bring their courses to life in a new […]

  7. Adrift In A Pandemic

    In this free report, we highlight the results of our survey of 3,089 North American higher ed students. We examine their thoughts on the move to emergency remote teaching in early 2020—and the implications for university administrators in the lead-up to the fall semester.

  8. The Ultimate Guide to Online Teaching

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  9. How to Teach With Insights

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  10. Top Tactics for Creating a More Engaged Classroom

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  11. The Professor’s Guide to Agile Teaching

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  12. Guide: How to Choose a Student Engagement System

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  13. Work-Life Balance: A Handbook for Professors

    In this Work-Life Balance handbook for professors, we investigate the issues and offer concrete steps that educators can take for career and family harmony

  14. James Lang – How to Make Class Time Really Count

    James M. Lang, a higher education expert and the author of Small Teaching: Everyday Lessons From the Science of Learning, has valuable tips and strategies for improving student engagement

  15. How to Choose the Best Assessment Tool for Your College Class

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  17. Teaching Today’s Distracted Students

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  19. Active Learning: The Perfect Pedagogy for a Digital Classroom

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  20. Guide: Working with CTLs—A Handbook for Professors

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