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Easy-to-use tools to engage your classroom, adopt and author next generation interactive textbooks, create assignments on the fly and securely administer tests

Top Hat Classroom

Flip your classroom, gamify lessons, energize discussions, take attendance and build engagement directly in students’ devices

  • Leverage students' devices in class to increase participation

  • Upload your slides easily and add interactive questions

  • Take attendance effortlessly and prevent absent students from bending the rules

  • Launch real-time polls to gauge student understanding

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Top Hat Textbook

Give your course a solid foundation with Top Hat Textbook, a revolutionary new model for adopting, customizing, creating and sharing course content

  • Created by and for educators like you

  • Fully customizable to suit your course needs

  • Always up-to-date; no new editions to purchase

  • Embed questions and assessments directly into textbooks to see student progression through the material

  • Free or low-cost, making education more affordable for your students

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Top Hat Assignment

Continue the classroom discussion with engaging homework, quizzes and activities

  • Create quizzes with automatic grading options

  • Create your own assignments or import customizable materials

  • Bring abstract concepts to life with hands-on immersive elements

  • Assign homework questions to individuals or groups of students based on your own criteria

  • Track progress using the Top Hat gradebook

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Top Hat Test

Securely administer quizzes, tests and exams in a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) environment

  • Prevent cheating through behavioral algorithms that monitor student activity patterns

  • Students access exams securely from their own devices by entering a unique code

  • Access a real-time proctor report

  • Auto-grade exams in seconds, with results made available in your gradebook

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We make it secure and easy for you

Top Hat makes classroom management easy, with intuitive and accessible tools

  • Protects school and student data

  • Industry-leading support for instructors and students

  • Integrates with popular LMS

  • FERPA compliant

  • Already used by 2 million students and 750 universities worldwide

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