Top Hat announces the world’s first active learning platform providing a holistic view of student performance and actionable insights to improve educational ROI. Beginning Fall 2019, the complete capabilities of Top Hat will be provided to every single customer – for one lower fee.

Top Hat, the leading active learning platform for higher education, is pleased to announce the immediate availability of new capabilities for educators to assess, analyze, and act on student performance insights as one complete and integrated offering.

In order to enable professors to create more engaging classroom experiences, gauge student progress before, during and after class, and assist struggling students earlier and with greater success, Top Hat customers now have access to the entire Top Hat assessment platform – including Classroom, Assignment, and Test – along with powerful new insight tools – for one lower fee.

New product features equip educators with the insights they need to drive better learning outcomes

While other platforms provide student performance data to professors, they are pulled from different and disconnected formative and summative systems. Top Hat’s offering is the only one to seamlessly connect data sources through features included in one integrated platform to provide a holistic view of student performance.

Top Hat’s new Gradebook, designed based on feedback from thousands of customers, tracks student participation and results for every type of assessment in one convenient place. With a simplified, customizable interface and new search functionality, educators can easily monitor the progress at the course level and check in on individual students.

Accompanying the Gradebook, Top Hat’s new Weekly Course Report recaps students’ performance and identifies those in need of intervention. The report empowers professors to identify struggling students early, and take action with a single click of a button.

”Institutions of higher education are looking for data-driven solutions to address the challenge of student success. Top Hat’s unified platform takes aim squarely at that challenge,“ said Eran Ben-Ari, Top Hat’s Chief Product Officer. ”In the last 12 months, we’ve been focusing on developing all kinds of features and functionalities that allow us to deliver what our customers have been telling us they need. This is about building the Top Hat platform of the future. Our goal is to enable professors to course-correct at any time and ensure every student is successful.“

Top Hat makes its entire active learning platform more affordable

Beginning in Fall 2019, every Top Hat customer will have access to the complete Top Hat assessment platform – and every new product feature – for one lower fee. Individual assessment products will no longer be available for purchase on their own. In courses where students previously paid $36 for access to both Top Hat Classroom and Top Hat Test, professors and students will have access to the same functionality as before, plus these new assessment features, for the reduced price of $30.

With this shift toward insights, Top Hat doubles down on its mission to make teaching fun and effective

”Our mission has always been to make teaching both fun and effective,“ said Mike Silagadze, Top Hat founder and CEO. ”When we started the company, our focus was more on the aspect of fun and specifically driving in-class engagement. The challenge with that approach is that you can have a student who’s wildly engaged, shows up to every class – and still fails. With a dropout rate approaching 40% in North America, we believe equipping professors with insights will enable them to intervene sooner with students – to help them get, or stay, on track.“

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