With campus closures across North America, educators are moving quickly to find innovative ways to adapt to this new environment and begin delivering their course content remotely.

To assist you in understanding Top Hat’s capabilities and the steps involved in enabling course materials and student exams for remote delivery, we have assembled a number of resources. These include support videos, live and recorded webinars and written content to guide you through the process of understanding, planning and implementing Top Hat for your courses.

We will continue to add new resources and encourage you to bookmark this page to stay up to date.

Support Videos

Here is an in-depth video to guide you through the process of preparing course content for remote delivery through Top Hat.

  • Setting up an Asynchronous Online Class in Top Hat – Asynchronous learning allows students to explore topics in depth on their own schedule and at their own pace. Learn how to create an asynchronous course, share course material and engage students in remote, self-paced learning using the Top Hat platform.

Support Articles

Access comprehensive written resources to guide you step-by-step through the process of using Top Hat to deliver remote learning, content, exams and host virtual office hours.

  • Teaching Online: Synchronous & Asynchronous Lectures – Learn how to record lectures, livestream presentations, take attendance, use discussion threads, create assignments and share materials with students.
  • Teaching Online: Tests & Exams – Learn how to create a test or exam with embedded interactive resources, use our concierge service to convert existing tests and exams and schedule assessments to close on a specified date using the Top Hat platform.
  • Teaching Online: Labs – Learn how to livestream your lab while launching real time attendance and questions, create engaging and accessible lab assignments and set up multiple sections with specific lab leaders.
  • Teaching Online: Virtual Office Hours – Learn how to open a discussion thread to capture student questions, prioritize questions based on popularity and deliver resources and assessments based on what students are asking and where they are struggling.
  • Teaching Online: FAQs for Remotely Proctored Testing – Learn more about administering a remotely proctored test in Top Hat, including information about accessibility, privacy, and grading.

Blog Articles

Top Hat Offerings

For a complete overview of Top Hat’s end-to-end digital platform for teaching blended and fully online courses, please follow the link.

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