While the COVID-19 pandemic has now touched every state and province in North America, one of the first regions forced to react to the virus was Washington state. Eric Davis is an Associate Professor of Sociology at Bellevue College, located in Bellevue, Washington, part of the Seattle metropolitan area.

Davis teaches four courses, each with about 35 students. Two of these courses use Top Hat and two do not. As the coronavirus quickly spread through the state, Davis got an email from the Associate Vice President for Instruction reporting that Bellevue would move all classes online. “Immediately, I had to respond to a flood of student issues,” Davis says. “In my two Top Hat courses, students were very calm and they knew exactly what they needed to do.” His students outside Top Hat were more panicked, unfortunately, with many of them wondering how they’d finish out the term.

Watch the video below to learn about how Davis and his students will be using Top Hat for textbook readings, lecture slides, discussion functionality and quizzes and tests in a remote teaching environment.

If you are a new or existing Top Hat user, click here to learn hands-on tips for teaching remotely with Top Hat.

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