Top Hat’s Student Engagement Tool
is Approved for Use at Michigan State

Top Hat’s interactive, cloud-based teaching platform enables professors to engage Michigan State students inside and outside the classroom with compelling content, tools and activities. As of Fall 2016, Michigan State has partnered with Top Hat to make its student engagement system available to instructors on campus.

What makes our platform so effective?

  • Create one-to-one connections in the lecture hall
  • Turn students’ internet-connected devices into teaching tools. No need for additional hardware
  • Motivate students to prepare, attend and participate
  • Drive better student outcomes with real-time feedback

Instructors can also use Top Hat to create interactive homework assignments, author interactive course content and find course content created by other professors in the same field.

Group of students engaged in lecture hall by their professor

See how Top Hat users at Michigan State and other top institutions leverage the power of Top Hat


Kathleen Marrs, Associate Professor, Indiana University

“Top Hat is easy to use, very intuitive and it’s quick to set up because there’s virtually no tutorial support needed. And it really does engage students. It gets them talking to each other, participating and thinking critically about the material in class.”


Greg Domski, Assistant Professor, Augustana College

“The TopHat platform allowed us to motivate students to read prior to coming to class in a way that is not possible with traditional, non-interactive textbooks. Most impressively, the average score on final exams increased from the 49th percentile to the 64th percentile; this was the highest score I’ve seen in my time teaching organic chemistry.”


Matt Gunkel, Director of Teaching and Learning Technology, IU

“We wanted to provide students with a great experience, while being cognizant of student cost. Utilizing Top Hat enables Indiana University to achieve both goals.”

Top Hat has been proven to increase engagement in lectures and improve learning outcomes


of professors found Top Hat easy to use

(Results of the 2016 University Information Technology Services report on Top Hat usage at Indiana University)


of students strongly prefer Top Hat to other engagement tools

(Christopher Kondo, Department of Marketing, California State University Fullerton)


of professors believe Top Hat increased their effectiveness as instructors

(Results of the 2016 University Information Technology Services report on Top Hat usage at Indiana University)


of students said Top Hat helped to increase understanding of course material

(Krystal Drysdale and Dr. Orlen Grunewald, Department of Agricultural Economics, Kansas State University)

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