On-demand and interactive media is now the norm for Generation Z students coming into their first year of college—in fact, Generation Z’s eldest members are already in their senior year.

Generation Z want personalization and they live and socialize online; having to purchase expensive, print-based textbooks leaves them nonplussed. Many don’t bother buying or reading them. Nearly 40 percent of professors surveyed by Top Hat said students don’t buy the texts; and only 30 percent say that the majority of their class reads the book.

In order to help a new generation of students make an easier transition between high school and college, BVT Publishing came up with a solution—an interactive course, available on Top Hat, that takes new students through what is expected of them in higher education.

College Success: A Concise Practical Guide covers the importance of focus, goals and pace in college life, organization and time management and how to participate in class—be it lectures, active learning or note-taking. The book also, importantly, includes tips on psychological balance at college, such as dealing with anxiety, stress and/or eating disorders.

BVT was founded by academics who taught with traditional, print-only textbooks and found them too expensive for their students. Along with books on college readiness and success, BVT also publish subject matter books on psychology and sociology.

Working within the Top Hat platform, BVT brings these traditional textbook topics to life, enabling profs to integrate their own agile teaching methods into the material. In BVT books published on the Top Hat platform, professors can customize content, include real-time feedback to questions and offer interactive media such as video and discussion questions.

When you’re able to pick and choose your own assessments and update the books as they appear on your students’ phones, your course becomes more compelling to a generation brought up on media tailored to their own needs.

In a recent Top Hat webinar with BVT Publishing’s Director of Business Development Richard Schofield and authors Stephen Franzoi and David L. Strickland, we covered the reasons behind Top Hat and BVT’s unique partnership, the benefits of implementing active learning before, during and after class, and the future of course content.

We also included:

  • How interactive course materials are helping to solve the challenge of getting students to come to class prepared;
  • How to augment your existing courses with active learning strategies that are proven to benefit students;
  • How real-time feedback on student comprehension can help you course correct and improve student outcomes.

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