When it comes to active learning, do you know your Bonwell from your Eison? Are you problem solving, or is everything just at the muddiest point? Try our quiz, just for fun, and see for yourself how much you know.

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Your rating: Dolores Umbridge

Even worse than draining her students of blood while they write, Umbridge only teaches from the book and brooks no in-class discussion. You (and Umbridge) had better get started on our active learning course before you’re sent to Azkaban.


Your rating: Carol Dweck

You’re about halfway to being an active learning expert. Engage your growth mindset and catch up on what you’re missing in our active learning course.


Your rating: Socrates

King of the dialogue, Socrates had a sick think-pair-share and an unforgettable active learning activity assessment plan. This would normally be where we would suggest you take our active learning course, but perhaps we’ll just leave that alone for now.

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