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Top Hat makes every class feel intimate, inspires dynamic group work, builds excitement for course material and rapidly improves comprehension. Educators love it as much as students! To get started, book your personalized product tour with one of our specialists today. 

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How to create a responsive classroom


Top Hat's software helps improve comprehension and engagement


Upload your slideshows, add annotations and questions

Upload files to Top Hat

Upload your slides to Top Hat and add annotations to help explain topics. You can even place interactive questions between slides for a seamless presentation.

  • Add annotations
  • Make slides available to students in review
  • Add interactive questions right between your slides for a seamless presentation

Take attendance effortlessly and accurately

Attendance on Top Hat

Attendance codes are randomly generated and only available on the projector—preventing absent students from bending the rules.

  • Private attendance code only visible to students in class
  • SMS support for students without smartphone access
  • See a record of attendance in the Top Hat Gradebook at any time
  • Offline mode available when Wi-Fi signal is weak
  • Location-based attendance technology, ensuring that only students in class get counted

Launch discussions that get the class talking about the material

Discussions on Top Hat

We’ve made classroom discussions easy to launch and control. Open discussion topics to the class and see their answers. Engage even the back row in the conversation.

  • Allow students to vote on their favorites
  • Specify if discussions are named or anonymous
  • Filter by popularity
  • Assign grading

Ask questions that get answers and help you gauge how well students understand

Questions on Top Hat

Top Hat provides six engaging question types. Create your own questions, or import question packs and other instructional content from the Top Hat Marketplace

  • Multiple choice question
  • Word answer
  • Numeric answer
  • Matching
  • Sorting and rank question
  • Click-on-target area

Share responses with the class

Click-on-target question on Top Hat

Each question type has its own unique visual graphs and reports. These provide real-time feedback, allowing educators to confidently make changes to a lecture—on the fly.

  • Reports and graphs update in real-time as students respond to your content
  • Optionally show the correct answer to help students learn concepts
  • Each question type has its own special report designed just for it. For example Word Answer questions can show responses in an artistic word cloud

Grade and assess student understanding

Top Hat Gradebook

Track student performance on the questions you pose and export in the format you need

  • Export student grades in CSV or Excel format
  • Merge data in your LMS
  • Use the Top Hat Gradebook to make changes quickly, without the need to export

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How to create a responsive classroom